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Giveaways by Joe Snyder (72)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Eastern time)
bfqywz Chubb jersey and card filler 6
dwrupp Jim Brown Filler 8
punrin Jim Brown Micro 11
fbfemn Kyrie Irving Photo that shouldn’t have taken all those minis 7
pdtspk Mini to close Kyrie 9
rvjfjp Buckeye mini choice 7
wlvzrl Kyrie shouldn’t need a filler 9
awtrei Kyrie Mini 10
lprqlz Nick Chubb Card 7
ssyhxl Chubb Mini to Close 10
iwxcvz Joe Thomas Filler 6
absivx Chubb Rookie Filler 9
nsfoei Myles Garrett Jersey 9
lbddsz Myles G FILLER 6
kuzxqn Nick Chubb Card 7
livhfm Jim Brown Main! 7
kfbxyh Last Mini! 7
uuqhrr Jim Brown Micro 7
tixvuu Stroud Helmet Main 9
dcvqdv Mini to close Stroud 7
fzjslx JB MICRO 9
jpkbqx Stroud Filler 1 7
rktdss Jim Brown Filler 5 8
quziwk JB MICRO 7
hdbmza JB MICRO 11
fkcema JB FILLER 8
ngbbon Jim Brown Micro 9
sipurq JB MICRO 8
vllugs Jim brown filler 8
hyfhnc JB FILLER 10
tjkvhh Jim Brown Micro 10
tijbsd Filler for 4 spots 9
wrmatq Jim Brown Filler 2 7
simiop Dave’s Way Too Cheap Winner’s Choice 9
xqilac Jim Brown Filler 1 8
mpyamk NFC LIST 7
nmgkbj AFC Team List 7
deekak Name List 6
jgyexu Bobble Winners Choice 7
bmorpa Jim Brown TK 8
xvphfc Jim Brown Filler 11
qvvdzr Bobble Mini to close 8
azicas Jim Brown TK filler 7
pwdffl Jim Brown Filler 6
zebwjh Jim Brown Filler 7
kndqow JRAM Full Size Helmet 7
jmplam Zeke FULL SIZE ❤️ OF THE SOUTH 9
ewzfsl Mini to close Zeke 8
gimjfo Zeke Filler 3 8
lmunih Zeke Filler 2 8
hhkncl Heisman Jerseys 7
kzsodw Mini to Close Jerseys F F Fuckin Finally 8
kgdpts Marvin Harrison Jr Signed Full Size Speed Rep 10
grehpt Marvin Mini 9
sslicw Buckeye Micro 7
barexm Zeke Heart of the South Filler 8
gmbsbs Harrison Filler 10
trrtke Buckeye Filler 5 9
eoufzn Buckeye Micro 8
pzzqdx Marvin Filler 1 7
wxbjez Jersey Filler 9
advmdz Jersey Micro 10
zipmnu Marvin Harrison Jr Photo 11
jdtdqr Marvin Harrison Filler 9
ifbcbr Buckeye Jersey Micro 8
mggabc Marvin Harrison Jr Photo 10
uclbeb Mancave Winners Choice 7
pxpppl Man cave Mini 6
gnzqxz Garland Gem Mint 10 6
rjivnl Myles Garrett Framed Jersey 6
wszoxi Micro Buckeye Jerseys 10
xnezfa MANCAVE Filler 10

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —