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Giveaways by Dr Cards (28)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Eastern time)
fpyhsc Cody main 5
ivgcdm Cory main roll 8
smaerp Otto lightning 8
xqmjnh Order of the white lotus 8
daihmn Avatar mini 7
ygxwat Flashfire 7
xfyptg Sami Ken dob Topps pack 9
rzlsrk Cory main roll 12
ydxzyz Miriam 11
fwrgde Legendary lord helix 7
reeqks Snack attack 7
oxvvdi Topps 10
opjzso Let see a fa 12
hbjpdl Umby 7
dmlbtg Topps 2000 11
xweqlp Cory main roll 6
whqing Pikante snacks 7
hmsxyu Cory main roll 7
zrqssy Dobby the house elf 12
thgprs Cory main roll 6
msachx Pika snacks mini 5
qhlgqu Leggo 7
cspdpx Cory main roll 9
mvyfei Sylveon waff 13
upafxx Scott main 5
iznsit Rev energies 11
ircufj Vintage one 9
mjwipw Blaster tortoise 7

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —