Giveaways by Jason Supnet (33)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(Canada/Pacific time)
qcynwy Boon Boeser exquisite dual patch razz 5
kjudwb Boon Boeser Trilogy puck razz 5
iwdawv Boon cheap Bure razz 5
vknsaw Boon Boeser exquisite rookie razz 5
nwgbwu Boon Boeser ultimate rookies razz 5
aeabte Rantanen Young Guns High Gloss razz 4
lgczkt Rantanen high gloss mini 2 4
mduuwt Rantanen high gloss mini #1 4
dnxrpg Boon Pettersson Sig Swatches razz 5
xpkuba Supnetted Razz #21 Boeser giveaway razz! 4
rqhzcm Boon Boeser BD Rookie Jumbos razz 5
tfitrm Boon Boeser Sig Materials Razz 5
tzvgxw Supnetted Razz #20 Petey FWA 4
ynbewp Supnetted Razz #20 final mini 4
yyffds Supnetted Razz #19 Gretzky Enshrinements 4
hpnzyt Supnetted Razz #18 Gretzky autofacts 4
sfrhih Sherman Hischier and Boeser YG razz 3
mghnye Sherman Hischier and Boeser YG mini 3
yjmbzo Shady Brady Tkachuk YG bgs 9.5 razz 10
wdvymx Supnetted Razz #17 Horvat LL 4
uuebza Supnetted Razz 16 demko cup 4
itprvc Shady's gaudette sparkly razz 3
wgkblb Jerry Guy Boeser/Hischier CL exclusive razz 5
votgel Horner cheap boeser razz 5
mpnjln Clancy canucks quads tag razz 6
ygxonm Supnetted Razz 15 boeser fwa 4
zlmjkf Supnetted Razz #14 4
xqbugb Jetinder Shokar Vancouver lot razz 4
ciqpic Leclair Boeser FWAP razz 8
xnurja Sangha boeser fwa razz 3
cmirnv Boon Boeser clearcut razz 5
snmqci Boon Boeser Printing plate razz 5
nvxycl Paterson Pettersson fwa main razz 3

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —