Giveaways by Dylan Callow (22)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Pacific time)
axswij Alex Tuch Razz 3
usnvmh Sedin Printing Plate 1/1 Razz 3
iimysh Boeser Ultimate and Trilogy 3
dmaftb Boeser and Gaudette Exquisite 9
zehdwk Virtanen Jumbo Logo for RobA 3
utiien Brock Boeser /25 for RobA 3
sisoti Boeser /25 Razz mini RobA 3
piubvw Supnetted Razz 3 4
erlbfc Mini for Bobby Orr Goal Auto 3
tzjrgg Gaudette Razz for JSupnet 4
hcftpz Virtanen FWA Razz for RyanH 9
jdvelr Virtanen FWA Mini for RyanH 11
lwjvki Brock Boeser FWA Razz for Rylan 6
qohree Brock Boeser Mini for Rylan 10
zagsqi Gaudette Lot Giveaway 3
riinay Pavel Bure Main for JSupnet 4
tqrucx Pavel Bure Mini for JSupnet 4
rtmjza Boeser Razz for Rylan T 4
cgkebz Elias Pettersson OPCP Gold Razz 6
mrsewy Boeser FWA 9.5 Draft Razz 5
dmutrj Draft Razz #11 5

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —