Giveaways by Jeremy Cobb (98)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Central time)
mrvtvr JBL Charge 3 Bluetooth Speaker Main 5
eitqzq Test 55555 5
hrkjug Test 13747 7 not completed
kekgvd JBL Charge 3 BT Speaker M2 7
smnyxb JBL Charge 3 BT Speaker M1 5
uwbrlp Mini Concealment Flag Main 9
bfzlxd Concealment Mini Flag M2 7
vrlior Mini Concealment Flag M1 7
accyun Rd2 Bushnell GPS Golf Watch Main 9
vgwyqt Bushnell GPS Golf Watch M2 Rd2 5
ccmdtr Rd 2 Bushnell GPS Golf Watch M1 8
vhxozq SNl Farley Motivational Speaker 7
egjycs Apple AirPods BT Headphones Main 10
uxcmby Apple AirPod BT Headphones M2 7
skcsxe Apple AirPod BT Headphones M1 6
gulejg Raptors Warriors Gm 6 CCB 6
vcyqbr Ridge Wallet RFID Choice Main 9
mhjspj Ridge RFID Wallet Choice M2 8
hvkpdt Ridge RFID Wallet Choice M1 8
mkrpqr SHarvey you crazy 6
wpasjy Hell Yeah Baby Fist Pump 6
yqgsvn NBA Gm5 Raptors 3-1 9
ofkliv Really? Dog Gif 10 rd 10
hwlnqb Bushnell Golf Watch GPS Main 6
ewfijx Bushnell GPS Golf Watch M2 7
aiinlf Bushnell Golf GPS Watch M1 7
xffebd Apple 🍎 iPad new model Main 8
hngbxy 🍎 iPad New Model M2 5
iiurkb 🍎 IPad New Gen M1 9
ervotn ✔️❌12 for Fiddy 8
uuuotv MLB Stars and Stripes Cap Main 5
rvjczc MLB Stars and Stripes Cap M2 10
tenpyr MLB Stars and Stripes Hat M1 6
jfitcr Ridge FRID and 10 Main 7
eeiwew Ridge RFID Wallet min 2 7
gnmdsw Ridge RRID Wallet min 1 6
mwovdf Under Armour Slides 2 Win 7
daoftj Office Party CCB 5
mwsjtz Apple iPad new model CCB main 6
wfkxqu Apple iPad new model CCB M2 11
cojhja Apple iPad new model CCB M1 6
uyablg Moolah Angel 7
eduavb Family Guy Peter Long Nails 8
pjfaue Fam Guy giggity 8
qcvghe Sox vs Spankees MLB 5
obfsxh Rd 2 .308 Glass set and Ice Molds Main 9
eofzdc Rd2 .308 Whiskey Glass and Ice Molds M2 10
mqvcwk Rd 2 .308 Glass Set and Ice Molds M1 7
yfglhj Rake the water freebie 8
mprylf .308 Whiskey Glass and Ice Mold Main 12
lyfdda .308 Whiskey Glass and Ice Molds M2 10
xofwcy .308 Whiskey Glass and Ice Mold M1 5
vqmxyr Yeti Option Tank/Cooler Main 10
diavmf Yeti Option Tank/Cooler M5 7
ntqvvx Yeti Option Tank/Cooler M4 8
qlprcc Yeti Choice Tank/Cooler M3 8
pjmikn Yeti Choice Tank/Cooler M2 9
innljm Yeti Option Tank/Coolers M1 11
vilbpt RTIC Soft30 Main 5
gqjxfa RTIC Soft 30 M2 6
musprl RTIC Soft Pack 30 M1 8
mipblj Fat Boy Cannon Ball Pool 8
afldqb Men Day Waving Flag 8
vudsxv Ridge Wallet 50/50 10
nnldbc Ridge Wallet 50/50 M2 5
oniuey Ridge Wallet 50/50 M1 6
uejhks Happy Gil Too Good For Your Home? 8
zpgtdq Happy Gilmore / Chubbs Lucky 8
pwkjzy Murcia Flag Guitar 6
jfdhnm Memorial Day Flag Blk White 6
rdyewh Oh Fo Sho Snoop 7
nnirki UA Storm Backpack ✔️❌ 10
viamvw Apple iPad new model WiFi main 7
ghtznz Apple iPad Latest model WiFi M2 9
uscfvg Apple iPad New Model WiFi 7
teuras Buzz LY No Intelligence 7
egucgl MLB Father’s Day On Field Rd2 9
lapyem MLB Father’s Day On Field Rd2 M2 10
eqwjjg MLB Father’s Day On Field Rd2 M1 7
oemtxn MLB Father’s Day On Field Main 8
oxbvfs MLB Father’s Day On Field M2 7
wrvqhb MLB Father’s Day On Field M1 10
uzpqah EZVIZ 360 Security Cam Main 8
neaide EZVIZ 360 Security Cam M2 8
fzubds EZVIZ 360 Security Cam M1 7
dvwqdh Bose Wireless Sport Choice Main 9
fohdql Ridge RFID Wallet Rd4 Main 7
qxtrco Ridge RFID Wallet Rd3 Main 8
rsnqjj Ridge Wallet RFID Main Rd2 8
engboq Ridge RFID Wallet Main 6
hrtgul Dave Chappel FREE 12
mmhpgg SNB Cubs/Nats 5
uymxcn Fuzzy Tractor GIF 7
ocnddn YETI Dawg Bowl Main Top/Bottom 8
ejqyob Yeti Dawg Bowl M2 5
bbebyd Yeti Dawg Bowl M1 7
tpdgeh Anchorman Glass Case of Emotion 7
uvxuyj Streamlight Flash/Pew Main 12

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —