Giveaways by Jeremy Cobb (56)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Central time)
wqmrsq Salute to Service Hoodie or NES Main 10
mowusm Salute to Service Hoodie or NES M2 8
lbjjgi Salute to Service Hoodie or NES M1 8
meejav TNF 1st Player to Score 8
pkgizd TNF Browns/Steelers 1st type Score 7
fyofsk Freedom Bar Cabinet MAIN 5
ulwywu Freedom Bar Cabinet M3 7
lsgcbn Freedom Bar Cabinet M2 7
nomlvt Freedom Bar Cabinet M1 12
ryffqv MNF Hawks CCB 12
hxduec MNF 49ers CCB 5
ayoyng Salute to Service Hoodie Rd3 Main 6
rkblhy Salute to Service Hoodie Rd 3 M2 12
ipgdue Salute to Service Hoodie Rd3 M1 7
efiffq Famous NFL Cat 7
ztrmqc TNF Chargers Numbers CCB 9
aqgzbq TNF Raiders Numbers CCB 5
yuiafm Streamlight or Benchmade Choice Main 10
qhbnmc Streamlight or Benchmade Choice M2 10
socfpt Choice Streamlight or Benchmade M1 11
imdvgo Boys at Giants 1st to Score both halfs 7
vwpqwz Salute to Service NFL Hoodie Main 5
gnylgi Salute to service NFL Hoodie Mini 2 6
ttcbgi Salute to Service NFL Hoodie Mini 1 10
zklaro Pats at Ravens - 1st Type of Score by half 5
kdhlyx Jets @ Phins First type of score 5
zucfqy Ridge Wallet RFID Main Rd2 5
vpwvdv Rd 2 Ridge wallet RFID M2 11
tgapdb Rd 2 Ridge Wallet RFID M1 8
itxxih Ridge Wallet RFID Main 10
nepiwa Ridge Wallet RFID M2 8
yumlkw Ridge Wallet RFID M1 11
mkartk WS Gm 7 1st to HR 6
excedd Salute to Service Beanie 3 Win 6
npgthr MNF Squares Phins 9
fnaonl MNF Squares Steelers 7
sqbsfv WS Game 4 1st to HR 6
mvcwxi WS Gm3 1st to HR 6
jamssr Sideline Full Zip Hoodie Main 7
rdttak Sideline Full Zip Hoodie M2 11
btyyuc Sideline Full Zip Hoodie M1 9
anildv Salute to service hoodie Main 6
huppyl Salute to Service Hoodie M2 8
zgozmj Salute to Service NFL Hoodie M1 8
ejzeyd Game console baller Main 6
mpuhls Game console baller M2 8
eljeeh Pats at Jets Player Prop CCB 11
kcbudj Pats at Jets first to score Jeremy is an idiot 9
twyiwf Pats at Jets 1st to Score 11
ftnvpf Pats CCB Squares 10
qtbzsa Jets CCB squares 6
mjbpsw Console Choice Baller M1 8
qkwpny Ravens / Hawks 1st to score 5
ttelpt Crazy chick pitch 6
ixbwdv ALCS Gm 6 1st to HR 7
ldkinm ALCS Game 4 1st to HR 7

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —