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Giveaways by Derek Grant (40)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Central time)
nmwdva Hodgey Cesar H2H 7
tbmglu Naz H2H 7
igzpnc Mike Stroud 11
uxkorl Cesar Patrick Allen H2H 7
lfhqua Nicholas Greg H2H 7
rviufd Absolute Mini 7
kixqcv Nationals 7
yorqla Zion Green 7
lvaghk Jim Mitchell F4W 13
lzvkpq Select Spurs 8
zmowui Dan Jim H2H 7
oycdxo Pistons F4W 12
ybjyke Select Magic F4W 12
ccvnqw Tim Select Spurs 11
achjsi Twins Giveaway 9
azxzav Jacob Timothy H2H 7
nbtkme Tim Bowman Micro 12
giakos Mike Mahomes 11
zfipjw Mike Bijan Lot 7
tlsozl Nicholas Eric H2H 7
rfibmw Nicholas Dan H2H Barry 7
bxcsrt Nicholas Dan H2H 7
egskrm Leon Wemby 8
ziwwzh Cesar Chet 7
iydnxe Mike Jokic 12
zqxyqd Mike Eric H2H Ivey 7
kmspvz Leaf Mini 8
yciuaz Mike Manny Green H2H 7
kpydkx Absolute Mini 11
zmsvcq Mike Eric Green H2H 7
ftnuye Mike Eric H2H 7
ontkey Alan Frelick Main 12
zvrmio Frelick Mini 15
elfipi Tyson Skunk Bonus 6
peteei Tyson Tribute Mini 11
mckasa Steven Luka 11
wxbtqi Bowman Teams 2 8
ciroqv Tim Bowman Teams 1 11
hilrpq Jacob Casey H2H 7
emqsvj Mike Fang H2H 7

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —