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Giveaways by Nik Jelcic (19)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Central time)
eagyhd Main for PP TF shipwreck av 12
evojsg Main on the claw air dev sky cc bar 11
wxftya Main for Zartan Firebat stinger 8
cjcsln main game tf and pp 10
ffnvju main pogo snake claw 15
ejyazl Mocs Starbrigade 12
kzionm Alley Viper boa croc giveaway 13
yxjenw dreadnok cycle Main 12
rryjcj 8 82s and 83s 14
qehmcc Main on Vamp and 8 figs 12
dittuq Vamp plus 8 9
swqitg Duke Scarlett 9
rdxtik main give snake eyes cobra steeler 11
qqiogu Main game for 5 fig bundle 12
psproc Main budget drawing 13
xfkqyu Main on the Avac worms zartan capt 10
ajifrp mini avac firebat worms zartan 10
ovqhkd Main game on the Viper 11
dhblpv Mini on the Viper 13

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —