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Giveaways by Adam Wood (50)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Central time)
vzssao josh dufur see doo 6
dedraj eric desrosiers oilzum 3
rqwfjl kim butler mobil 7
jyfrnv jimmy mcnerney mt dew 6
orwrqo kim butler exide 8
nurlxp bill brinkley clock 5
whvzlm eric desrosoersi oilzum mini 3
sbyafq jimmy mcnerney double cola 5
bywuda andy miller uffler sign 5
zeejex eric desrosiers globe 10
gpwwdg josh dufur choice 10
kwyhyf josh final mini choice 7
mmbpcx josh final micromin 10
unibxb eric desrosiers peggy 11
vajdjk kim butler coke 8
aeykso nathan brooks ac delco therm 9
bacvze josh final micro mini 9
qaqjft kim ex lax 8
zamala eric desrosiers mobil mini 6
vfladn kim butler aaa 5
dblvva dan merkle coke clock 8
cvnmyh lindsay nichold therm 6
rltlem josh cheapy 9
liaxgk josh cheap mini choice 8
qnpwor eric desroseirs sundrop 7
kthgle eric desrosiers conoco 8
mllfzj jeff owen barqs 3
eulnle andy miller polarine 5
qyjphq josh can am 7
jyzrof josh can am final mini 7
rcvxuw eric desrosiers budweiser 11
qbfqtm eric desrosiers conoco mini 8
ihcwbg josh dufur can am mini 8
mlmnwb eric desrosiers red crown 9
yjklmn kim butler texaco 4
pksqyv zack peters dog food 7
wrnsft ryan slowik pan am 4
znoxjv josh choices 9
lmmptq josh final mini choice 5
ishdmj josh final micro 6
bkrqov eric desrosiers airmeter 4
jgouxe eric desrosiers air meter mini 8
nbfaao zack peters remington 7
fluuyz josh mini 2 choice 6
jgwjgn josh choice minni 7
ejytwq eric desrosiers 66 10
locudx bill brinkley nugrape clock 8
locnjy ryan slowik chevy 9
pwhxou eric desrosiers cigar 4
jkiyqb eric desrosiers honda 11

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —