Giveaways by Alejandro Pomareda (30)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(UTC time)
tickqb MOJO Elite Series Redhead, Bluebill, Woody, Pintail, or Spoonazilla Motion Duck Decoy 5
emblko Mojo 11
hejnov 6 Coots, BlueWing Teal Green Wing teal 6
wrxxfp Mottled Mojo w/ remote 10
oslpca WaterProof Duck Blind BackPack 5
qnhgzt FATAL SHOT CHOKE Tubes by Rob Roberts Custom Gunworks. 10
ndedbh Mojo ELITE SERIES - GWT, BWT or Wood Duck 10
makfrz Tanglefree Ultimate Backpack or Floating Gun Case 11
zpnzpp Travel Organizer Kit 11
ewdvbv E-collar remote lanyards Tethered with a detachable clip 5
iyrfzk Mojo w/ remote 6
ojpkkt Sneak Boat 7
pzgqod Mini Mojo Mott 10
mjicww Mini Mojo Mottled w remote 11
lkgwrm teal... 8
zmlvgs Mottled Mojo 8
ndhwsw MOmarsh Dog Ramp Stand 7
ynpayc Pins Wigeons Ect 5
wgsrnu MOJO Elite Series Diver Redhead Motion Duck Decoy 9
ozzxhx MOmarsh Dog Ramp/Stand mini 8
exxawc MOJO Elite Series Floater Redhead Motion Duck Decoy w/ remote 6
dqpkaj Tanglefree Migration Edition Ringneck or Wigeon or Flight Mallard Rester & Skimmer Pack or Pro Series Mallard Full Body Rester & Sleeper Combo 7
ltphit Deeks.... Wigeon 11
yenaob Divers 5
rqgnal Mojo Stick 7
rlyjay Hat giveaway 12
kftagr Mega Light.... 7
fewzmm Dog day Sunday Razz boat ladder 6
kmdldc MOJO Pick Stick 12

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —