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Giveaways by Alejandro Pomareda (16)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(UTC time)
arvydz ALEX BBWD 5
vakzyn Round 2 ShotKam 9
arqotw ShotKam 11
crxujy Test 11
zozidf Winner Choice so you pick the Elite Series Decoy 8
rmxlap MOJO Elite Series Floater Motion Duck Decoy w/ remote. 6
lzlznc BBWDS . QS 8
wblgpo ES BWT or GWT Mojo 5
ncenuj Wigeons and bag 5
alryme BBWDS 6
rmayhp Mojo Butt Up Rippler or Rippler U PICK 7
gwdtfr Tanglefree Choice!!!! You pick 7
eeldtv Fowl Foolers & Florida Duck Hunters Youth Duck hunting photo contest!! 6
bptwdt Quackskins Decoy Company 6 BBW deeks 7
dpesvk Mojo Blind Bag or Tanglefree Flight Series Blind Bag 10
cubwwl Divers coots 5

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —