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Giveaways by Earlvader (35)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(Asia/Manila time)
iqvoqe Dean Airo Dancel contest 8
hxmhrd Dean Airo Dancel contest 6
cichqt Bert Monroy contest 5
orbpfp Dean Airo Dancel contest 6
bpdtfo Ping Sagala contest 7
ttqgyy Dean Airo Dancel contest 9
njpwlz Marlon Salvador contest 8
gqdcjv Christian Marc contest 5
jzhgsz Dean Airo Dancel contest 8
hkielk Nicko Na├▒adiego contest 8
tfnzlb Janus Naval contest 7
dsixvu Ping Sagala Contest 5
miqnqb Marlon Salvador contest 6
pbaxar Carlo Almoro Contest 8
jldvqc Yuan Go contest 2 6
jjbmnx Yuan Go contest 10
kziuey Leonard Montilla contest 9
hvpamd Marlon Salvador contest 6
agbcdd Menggita De La Paz contest 9
xvvxbx Shean Fonacier contest 10
hgwfmf Rae Conn Ross contest 7
ckbbtn Mark Anthony niceriocafe contest 9
subwww Mon Yu contest 7
urcgmi Marlon Salvador contest 10
boelqh Aaron Cancaida contest 10
cdktnj Mick Angelo contest 5
bpqydi KarlVince de Castro contest 6
ciftys Rae Conn Ross contest 9
qaaykp Marlon Salvador contest 12
rvrgrl Kirby Garlitos contest 7
tqpoyx Leonard Montilla contest 10
gumffw Dean Airo Dancel contest 8
exhnse Konkon Alvarez contest 6
tsdnhl Shean Fonacier contest 7
bywwch Marlon Salvador contest 5

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —