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Giveaways by Earlvader (28)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(Asia/Manila time)
opvgst Warren Lim contest 7
ztvojn Marlon Salvador contest 6
uhlput Bobby Domingo contest 7
kvozkh Dean airo dancel contest 12
tuvlee Shean contest 9
epeczh Marlon Salvador contest 6
spontd Bobby Domingo contest 7
blvruy Dean Airo Dancel contest 8
fyjmzp Dean airo dancel contest 7
gufjdx Nanilignap edward m Contest 7
azgkeo Paulo navarez contest 7
qcncvk Jay the Man contest 6
dwvhrd Carlo almoro contest 8
xqcrvq Marlon Salvador contest 10
ifiell Kramer Basti Golez contest 7
xettks Max Chua Contest 5
lirtjc Nanilignap Edward M contest 5
kjifog Marlon Salvador contest 7
xoaglq Marlon Salvador contest 6
qjiepj Bobby Domingo contest 5
vdvygl Dean Airo Dancel contest 12
uejggw Marlon Salvador contest 7
cyymrx Cel Uy Contest 9
uxtxmt Cel Uy contest 9
jixjpm Jaime Tolentino Jr contest 6
zqqdqr Leonard Montilla contest 7
izdmel Ivan Calatrava contest 9
pipzda Marlon Salvador contest 11

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —