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Giveaways by Earlvader (35)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(Asia/Manila time)
ondmqx Tazky Mendoza contest 7
tidgmq Mon Yu contest 9
mcnjmu Raphael Sanchez contest 10
qpxywx Ping Sagala contest 8
aqqryh Maurice Chrystler Abay contest 10
uwwyoz Dean Airo Dancel contest 5
jctrgk Bon Sun contest 7
xwusfl Christopher Sarabia contest 12
lanxgn Patrick Jovie contest 9
budjfj Christian Peralta contest 6
ezyqas Vincent Reyes contest 8
cjhshq Luigi lleander contest 12
mhrvlh Kim judyver marquizo contest 6
ajzuum Dean Airo Dancel contest 6
zmngsm Bobby Domingo contest 10
lsiubs Tazky Mendoza contest 10
blfqbs Christopher sarabia contest 8
kvjdjo Christian Peralta contest 6
akhzzz Dandan F Santella Rph contest 7
yriibh Kim judyver marquizo contest 8
zybehn Bon Sun contest 6
xmrnan Dean Airo Dancel contest 5
axmmal Nanilignap edward marquez contest 10
siofex Christian Peralta contest 7
nmvbcs Kim Judyver Marquizo contest 7
yganhz Dean Airo Dancel contest 9
jtcmof Martin Roa Nunez contest 7
aleogy Isaiah Lee contest 10
gxjmnk Alan madrid obillo contest 5
ziwmmx Carlo almoro contest 5
fqygdg Christian peralta contest 6
xfcyhp Geevoi Osorio delos reyes 7
nticzl Bon Sun contest 10
bmypfo Angelo Ong contest 9
epoqkw Jimbo Sarmiento contest 9

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —