Giveaways by Wesley (384)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(America/Toronto time)
zvnrqy Giannis Lot for MK, GS 10
duerea Cavan Biggio 1st BC Auto PSA 10 9
ksypwx KAT for NC, CK 9
gwqllu Zion Revolution for WP, CK 6
ehsthz 2019 Topps Update Jumbo Box Break #1 9
mzlciq 2019 Donruss Optic 1 Box Division Break #2 11
rirfha Coby White Silver for SM, GS 7
enudqy Ayton for JL, GS 10
qmbdhk MPJ Silver for AM, CK 6
hkryoa Jordan 31 Banned, Valhalla 7
uwjzkx MPJ Silver for AM, CK 9
qpvexj Soto SP, Valhalla 6
zwrtac Zion True #2 for SM, GS 8
upmwcs Zion True for SM, GS 6
qamfke Trae for RTG, GS 8
ignwir Purple Luciano for JW, Valhalla 6
bptsww Giannis for EKK, CK 7
berhzp Ja Silver, Valhalla 7
ctsfcs Purple Yordan for J, Valhalla 6
lptiqj 10 Gram Oriana for GE, SS 8
dnkgzs Ten Commandments Silver for ME, SS 10
wcqtbx Gleyber for BD, GS 5
jlgvfo Zion Gem for SM, GS 9
kttvxy Bagley Silver for TF, GS 8
vdlfzy Acuna Lot for JL, Valhalla 5
nqufla Stacker for BP, SS 5
ggkcvn Mookie Main for WS, Valhalla 6
nttfmh 2012 Gold Buffalo for RJ, SS 5
xggkim Mookie Mini for WS, Valhalla 8
hhfhza Keston for CN, Valhalla 8
cykbln Riley Greene Ref for AA, CK 7
awrsvp Stacker for TB, SS 7
eutobr Giannis for JT, CK 6
muugov Shea Ref for DH, Valhalla 5
cudrnr Stacker RR for TB, SS 9
rlltsq Luciano PSA10 for RTG, GS 11
rpafoh Robert Chrome for SH, Valhalla 11
fceycg Abrams True for EC, Valhalla 10
ikikin Marte PSA10 for BR, Valhalla 10
iuobep Orange Gunnar for ER, Valhalla 12
kusgon Groshans for ER, Valhalla 5
ckjmvr Opulence Doncic for CJ, CK 8
gcrtgu Royce PSA10, Valhalla 11
tbqkxz Eloy Base for CJ, Valhalla 8
ucxkrp Nova for CJ, Valhalla 5
kclcjb BB Packs for CI, BB 4
ryogll Prizm FOTL Box for CW, GS 10
hmaovi Doncic Prizm, GS 11
fzifvq NFL Final 4 Draft for MQ, Legends 7
fwffnk Trae Spectra RR for MM, GS 7
wwwgjo Bagley Flawless RR for MM, GS 6
rfcbsa Stacker for ML, SS 7
ajwzxg Pache for RP, Valhalla 8
xxfjrt FOTL Prizm for CW, GS 7
slmzvc Lux for KB, Valhalla 5
pnnptc KG Main for MK, GS 5
rtwxcc KG Mini for MK, GS 7
oxwzcs MPJ for TB, CK 6
uphgzr Kiri Ref Raw for MC, Valhalla 7
atvyhs Bo 1st BC bgs 9.5 8
hekdpk Mini #2 for 5 spots to fill Bo 1st BC bgs 9.5 8
vufznj Gleyber for TA, Valhalla 7
hghpmf Mini #1 for 6 spots BO 1st BC BGS 9.5 5
ttjihd Tatis Gold for J, Valhalla 10
njmdxx NFL Draft, Legends 9
uaybsw Canario WTA, Valhalla 5
zvfznx Canario for SPB, Valhalla 10
corkox Stacker for DO, SS 8
tsrfjh Purple Luciano for RG, Valhalla 6
mcbokg Angels Mini, BB 5
vnscue Adley for Gio, Valhalla 6
xkifsn KB Dynasty for DC, GS 9
tiivzo Griffey for AB, CK 10
nmeymf Bagley for DJT, GS 7
bvuruw Jr for RTG, GS 7
sizmqn Henry Contenders for TL, GS 9
tvgbch Shai Silver for MB, GS 5
whewtw Blue Baty for CP, Valhalla 8
jletij Soto for RG, CK 10
wbyuez Blue Hoese for TG, Valhalla 10
qtiaym Adley for Gio, Valhalla 9
dvvrkn Donruss 2019 1 box Break - Multi team random 9
agppwg Gold Mini for RJ, SS 5
szepnf Sekou for RF, GS 9
jlhqrp Squares for Clemson Numbers, CK 7
axrqzo Squares for LSU Numbers, CK 8
exlrkt Bregman for SM, PU 8
qwsdmz Contenders Box for JL, GS 11
nscejf 1g Gold Line, SS 10
jlydyr Red Trae for TB, CK 11
dvdhvp 1/3oz for KG, SS 9
lhhlew Cookies for SB, CK 7
sracre Zion for BS, CK 6
omjbfl 2 Bonus Autos for 2019 Panini Prizm Baseball 1 Box Division Break #2 8
hmeadw Draft Order Locker Room 7
ktpmcf Alonso Contenders for NP, Chipper 5
olryzo Case for CA, Valhalla 5
sldakx Sekou for NC, GS 10
itiusk Kelenic for JT, Valhalla 6
cmwkrn Lux for ER, Valhalla 8
ikfsyy 2019 Panini Prizm Baseball 1 Box Division Break #2 9
dfxpzq 2019 Panini Prizm Baseball 1 Box Division Break #1 7
yutexa 2019 Donruss 1 Box Division Break #1 9
tjekzc 2019 Donruss Optic 1 Box Division Break #1 7
qezunj 2019 Topps Update Retail 5 Blaster Boxes - Division Break #2 12
lhhnmp Tatis TC for J, Valhalla 7
uwbkmp Tatis for J, Valhalla 5
yfqwef Orange Siani Main for KB, Valhalla 11
iqotcf Orange Siani Mini for KB, Valhalla 7
oxgoux Stacker for DO, SS 7
zyivlj Cookies for MD, SS 10
wgejzi Tatis Gold for J, Valhalla 9
cwtwsr Tatis Heritage for J, Valhalla 6
gxksjj 2019 Topps Update Retail 5 Blaster Boxes - Division Break 12
ueiafo 2019 Bowmans Best 1 Box Division Break 6
gncmhl Doncic for JMB, CK 6
ncjaio Lebron for LP, CK 8
wsxwfh Luciano Ref, Valhalla 7
kkoewb Ayton 2 for RTG, GS 7
ptderl Ayton for RTG, GS 7
rlpdhg Ja Morant Silver True+, Valhalla 11
zzaieg Kyler Silvers for DW, CK 7
lzhzkl Kiri Base for KB, Valhalla 8
qfzrxc Zion Lot for RF, GS 5
pohrsc Zion Base for JW, GS 7
flteys 5g Karatbar for RJ, SS 11
vezvib Trout Update PSA 10 9
gmifdf Vlads dad razz for JW 6
onqtwo Orelvis Beckett RAW REVIEW 9 /10 auto for MB 10
xauyrv Royce True+ for JN, Valhalla 8
zywjsh Nico for GE, CK 10
gtuoao Sexton Purple for NC, CK 10
hibsnr Ja Morant Silver True for JR, Valhalla 8
eincpu Ja Morant Silver True, Valhalla 9
lwkpyp Orelvis for BT, Valhalla 6
mqkvee Brewers Mini for CI, BB 11
ndfrgk Green Lamar for CI, GS 9
sswfhf Bagley for JC, GS 7
xprwlq Kilo for DO, SS 6
ndgiqr Zion True for NB, GS 7
btlkwr Zion Base for ER, Valhalla 6
mojvbg Kieboom PSA10 for JR, GS 8
rsdkwp Teddy Patch RR for RTG, GS 9
pjmafx Ja SP for ER, Valhalla 6
zldshm Luka True Base, GS 6
dtycqt Teddy Patch for RTG, GS 8
gmakes Orelvis Ref for ER, Valhalla 5
bmapou Sexton for JC, GS 5
unitqv Doncic PSA10, CK 9
zfgboj Acuna/Soto Update, Valhalla 5
vmprds 5x 1g for AM, SS 5
yunqdq Canario Base Gem, Valhalla 7
xwmzyg Stacker + Coin for TB, SS 5
zriijl Stacker for ML, SS 6
gpcxsg Stacker for DO, SS 7
tokstm Amazon GC for AB, GS 6
rgbjta Pache for JW, GS 11
xghymd Abrams Ref for BN, GS 7
txorqv Pache for JW, GS 11
rqpwur Gleyber for ER, Valhalla 11
asaiic 1g1s for RJ, SS 6
vjkjfl 1/10 Eagle for RJ, SS 12
ujgahd 1g Gold for JRH, SS 5
ugoitc Lebron for AW, GS 6
deurwz Morant Silver for TS, GS 8
csqmdq Bichette True, Valhalla 11
clhgmm 5oz Gold Bar for IH, SS 6
xupszp 2004 1/10 AGE for TB, SS 5
ysfvwx Bichette True 2, GS 7
isinhl Nico for TB, CK 7
fpdwhk 100oz Geiger for RJ, SS 8
zofhuc Comic RR for CW, CK 8
eotyml Tatis Sapphire for JN, CK 6
kgxdib Random Comic for CW, CK 6
ihrfff 10oz for JM, SS 5
ujmndg 1oz Gold Buffalo for CR, SS 6
gadvls Morant SP Gem for ER, CK 6
jkpdtn 1999 1/10 oz for AP, SS 9
jvfbpt Optic & Contenders Box for ER, 808 10
haoyhr 1/10 Nugget for AP, SS 6
myzeem Acuna Lot for CJ, Valhalla 6
qafgtn Jung Ref for CJ, Valhalla 11
nxhnqf Zion for BC, GS 9
edthin Gold for AM, SS 6
raxcfw Gleyber Lot for DP, GS 5
gmceym Iverson for MS, CK 9
npymzk Rookie Cup Vlad All Star Rookie Team Auto /99 9
dtpfiy Trae for NB, Valhalla 8
sidnyl Cheap Acuna for ER, Valhalla 7
edvsty Test 2 10
ujlstb Test 6
fqpnvb Soto SP for Vahe, Valhalla 10
klkfhe Lux for DO, Valhalla 10
zntmtm Zion Fun 7
pfxdeu Bowman Jumbo Box 2 for DC, GS 10
tahmak Kiri Ref, Valhalla 7
gucggs Bowman Jumbo for DC, GS 11
thlegu Canario Ref, Valhalla 8
crehgu JRod, Valhalla 5
nvdreq JRod for EC, Valhalla 5
zxunne 2019-20 Panini Contenders ONE BOX BREAK #1 5
rgpscc Geiger 250g AM, SS 6
fxiypd Gold Abrams for BH, Valhalla 10
ononte SW GC for LSW, GS 8
vcfthz Tatis Dynasty for BS, GS 9
eaphfb MPJ for SH, CK 6
vfaess Wolf for BM, SS 6
thzctc MPJ Silver for SH, GS 8
jcqgjp Luka Base for DO, GS 7
oxiepe Kelenic for ES, Valhalla 8
ixnmbx Baty Lot for SG, Valhalla 8
lwoxjx Shea Ref for ER, Valhalla 11
qngkea Acuna Dime for ER, GS 7
nxmmoh SGA Optic RCR for JW, GS 7
pvixdu Gehrig GU for TF, GS 7
cyeqhy Bleday for GA, CK 11
ffywcr Green Zion for ER, GS 11
qjqgzz Bleday Speckle Raw for DJ, Valhalla 8
srdlvb Blue Beer for CW, GS 7
zcvrol Robert Ref for KB, Valhalla 8
insypo Bagley for WJ, GS 10
xozjrm Trae for JH, GS 7
tgcotk Hawks Dual Imma for MM, GS 7
thpvzg Donruss Luka, CK 8
ydeblc Valhalla NFL Playoff Draft #2 5
lvjkdg Trae Optic Red for RL, CK 9
bfdsid Prizm Box for DS, GS 5
ishzcd Lonzo for NH, GS 8
uqdwoq Trout True+ for QL, CK 8
xwrttd Embiid for RW, GS 10
djmaez Groshans for SPB, Chipper 7
xlayee Doncic for SB, Valhalla 5
hmzkhw Simpsons Coins for BS, SS 9
wymwdq Playoff Pool Mini #1, Valhalla 10
bgbsxl Bichette Topps Now for SPB, Chipper 5
lyxrnm Stacker for BO, SS 6
mnrdog Orelvis True, Valhalla 10
fvnnfi Trout for GE, CK 12
dzumua Stacker for DO, SS 5
fzcmwj Valhalla Playoff Pool 2 Random Names 11
ykeuos Valhalla Playoff Pool 2 Random Teams 9
cybgtz 3g Gold for BJ, SS 7
oobfqk Gold Gram for AM, SS 9
sbftyr Baty for MCM, Valhalla 11
hpjcrp 5x Deadpools for BU, SS 5
rizrle Kilo for MH, SS 6
cdgoqx Bagley for MS, GS 6
cugpjq 1g Panda for AM, SS 5
ivtkme Valhalla NFL Playoff Pool #1 6
kobekj Lamar for JD, GS 7
vtuspf Pamp 1G Gold for DB, SS 8
afhbbm Black Yeezy for KGJ, GS 5
uiufng Soto for RG, CK 6
wshkaz Judge for KE, GS 7
ivgwfh Double Stacker for JKC, SS 6
imaquu Double Stacker for AP, SS 8
nxxvpo Royce Test 8
mkmung TC Acuna for KE, CK 9
nycnpc 1994 1/2 oz AGE for AP, SS 9
mxeoyh Gold Tatis Main for DC, CK 8
pzjcvw Gold Tatis Final Mini for DC, CK 7
hjgrxg Gold Mini for TB, SS 6
xeaduo KitKat for BM, SS 5
azqjru Ayton for JH, CK 6
lfmbui Geiger Bar for BM, SS 11
hwsvdj Gleyber for AF, CK 10
wywuld Gold Tatis Mini 3 for DC, CK 6
jbnbfo Gleyber for DH, SCN 7
popduv Tatis Gold Mini 2 for DC, CK 6
cjkjvq Double Gold for AP, SS 10
khrxjt Gold Tatis Mini for DC, CK 11
okzkov Zion Gem for GE, CK 9
uyyzxg Kirby for JR, Valhalla 7
mjxygn Soto & Gleyber for ER, Valhalla 5
jwtbxi Gym Red, GS 6
ioaswh Trae Pink Ice for TR, Valhalla 10
bkgpun Stacker Rerun for JKC, SS 5
cgldla 1/10 1982 Gold Maple Leaf for AP, SS 10
updbul Gold for BM, SS 7
rswovl Lipcius Gold for JL, Valhalla 8
wsipka NT RT for ER, 808 7
lcbnrh Lux for WS, Valhalla 11
zuvwim Stacker for JKC, SS 9
dfjrxh Geiger Gold for BM, SS 8
fpapih Yeezy for KGJ, GS 7
lhmvfn Royce True+, Valhalla 5
hlykna Ja Morant Silver, GS 9
jvmbnu Luka for J, Valhalla 9
zrtddn J1 Fearless, GS 7
tfwgij Barry Sanders for IT, CK 7
ozftvx Zebras for BL, GS 6
qkrevy Vlad Jr/Sr Auto Lot 6
cubyht 89 Griffey for AM, Valhalla 9
cagdry Luka Silver for JS, GS 6
vzaryl Ja Morant Silver, GS 8
bmbfns Ohtani RIP card 5
jyujzc VLAD NT Auto for JW 10
ulzqzj Christmas Luciano, Valhalla 6
jwycan Trae Silver for CF, CK 6
tkdfrc Griffey RCR for CK, GS 10
wkgdjp Bagley for AR, GS 7
bzcmzm Vlad Topps Chrome for CI, GS 12
dxtlid Ja/Zion for TS, GS 10
ylrhxg Size 13 Breds for KK, GS 6
gaddoq Trae Silver for NAR, CK 8
zvnlhq Waller Speckle for SG, Valhalla 10
vtwzng Zion Silver for JN, CK 9
aalbur Size 10 Bred, GS 5
qdemoh Acuna Update for BM, CK 7
fmidwb 5x 2013 ASE for TP, SS 5
bzmvnq Stacker and Pamp for MH, SS 5
hjsvmv Giannis for JMS, GS 9
nfhqpl Trae Silver for DB, GS 6
skotln Freebie for RD, SS 10
rvfhux Trout for GE, CK 6
rlhbco Trae RR for TB, CK 7
vftioq 2 KitKats for BM, SS 6
qbzvvd Concord 10.5, Valhalla 11
wkqqop Trae Silver for JH, CK 12
ifbydt Kilo Silver for NAG, SS 10
mudgys Bagley for JM, GS 9
prwahi Karatbars for JM, SS 6
lrtsov Blurry Trae for BS, CK 9
kkosrq Top 2 Stacker for CR, SS 7
mxsqnu Eloy for CI, GS 9
hhpfkd Yeezy Zebra, Valhalla 7
tdullr 50/50 Stacker for RD, SS 6
ddyocm Orange Lauri for CW, GS 10
pmujke Luka Auto for AT, Val 7
uvnlpt Draft Filler, Top 7 Gio 5
nbcjhz 20oz Bar for BD, SS 5
mptxnn Green Bleday, Valhalla 5
vijtec Trout for MRM, CK 10
igtcxu Mahommes Select for ER, Valhalla 9
zuzpbh Trae Silver for VP, GS 6
bszvje Trae Pink Ice for JMB, CK 10
zegcby Best Buy for DP, GS 12
upqpmv Zion for JW, GS 6
kzwhuv Holiday Pack Box Break #1 - Non MLB Cards 12
pqueol Trout Platinum for BJ, CK 7
rbtgox 2019 Holiday PACK Promo Mixer Break #1 6
nrfdew Team Combo Screw up Bowman's Best Box #1 6
gsjfyf 2019 Bowman's Best 1 Box Break #1 7
uzcozx Luciano Bump Base for SB, Valhalla 10
tcipka Trae for BS, GS 9
qblvwz Kobe for CF, CK 7
qxklog 53 Mantle for DO RR, GS 10
mzaawd 53 Mantle for DO, GS 7
igzxqb Jeremy Wong Giveaway - top and bottom winners 9
pjfszk Ja for NR, Valhalla 5
pkatxh Ayton for JW, GS 7
hmwhbu 1x Sealed Master Box of 2019 Bowmans Best #2 8
bkmoyu Mini for 2 spots to close Box Razz #2 10
nhdcpr Bohm for NW, GS 5
jtwovv Luka RWB RR for DO, GS 7
ybqpbq Wade SPX for LP, CK 7
npbyrt Gold Silver Set for ML, SS 9
czgesf Acuna Father's Day for ER, Valhalla 5
fncywy Luka for ES, Valhalla 10
nxgfqq Easter J11s for KGJ, GS 6
bofzqc Zion Variation Gem for ER, GS 10
bktjns Trae Silver for TB, CK 6
owjbdq Trae Silver for DB, CK 8
axkbyo Kilo for TB, SS 10
uhpgss Trae for GD, CK 9
wbryen Amazon GC for BS, GS 8
hfllvn Soto psa 10 for Raheem 8
jxsoxn Stacker for BD, SS 9
qzeqzz Draft Box 2 for CW, GS 5
dlsfrz Wade SPX for LP, CK 7
beprck Luka for DO, GS 6
kipwlq Red Sexton for PF, GS 9
ybjbyv Kelenic for TJ, GS 7
hthutt Draft Boxes for CW, GS 7
xkblhx Boxes Rf 34 for IO, CK 7
iwfwhr Lonnie Silver for SB, CK 6
itgoqu Stacker for BO, SS 6
warnfm Stacker for CR, SS 7
omwrhh Kilo Stacker for CR, SS 9
ftfoep Zion Silver for JN, CK 7
atrmag AD for CZ, GS 8
eymkar Mahommes for TB, CK 9
tnepqm Gorman Gem for TA, Valhalla 11
tgicqb Trout for JT, CK 8

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —