Giveaways by Wesley (507)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(America/Toronto time)
nwwces Waters for JN, GS 9
bwpfvw 10 Box Mixer! - Random for 2nd Team 11
yvnvsj Tatum for TB, CK 10
mivqsv More Meat for BD, GS 7
jkskrb Acuna for TB, CK 6
jafezm MEAT for BD, GS 7
kwvcph Acuna for AM, CK 11
zshkbt Apple for BD, GS 7
tvrbgs Meat for BD, GS 8
yfefsy Brady for CH, CK 8
sivkde TT Dime #2 for TD, CK 7
ddwxqi Acuna HU, CK 6
qsrjwf TT Dime for TD, CK 6
zzotyd Stacker for BB, PMA 8
esxmwh Luciano Ref for RH, CK 8
ymdmhc Teddy for TL, CK 10
pbmqty Tatis Gleyber Lot for IH, CK 6
xeuqmb Trout for CF, CK 8
qwttee TT for TD, CK 6
geulwv David Owen's Giveaway 8
izsncl Lindor for RG, CK 10
werjjx 3x Stackers for BB, PMA 6
fekjvz 10 Box Mixer! DRAFT ORDER 5
ekgocc Zion for CP, Valhalla 7
olarqe Bellinger for JC, GS 8
pewgzr Acuna for IH, CK 7
gwfnez Toronto Blue Jays 5 Card "Lot" 12
hzgnyr Torres Tatis for IH, CK 7
zzaost Acuna HU R3, CK 9
szdnyk Acuna HU R2, CK 8
ckxiif Stacker for BB, PMA 6
iyktxp Boombox Filler 5
gcepns Acuna HU, CK 10
fqpvim 2x Acuna for DB, CK 10
tzsiau Alonso for JW, CK 7
gxtkul Vaughn Blue Wave for DD, CK 12
wttvze Select LBJ for SM, GS 9
pfdzcb Uncut 10 Notes for DB, PMA 7
jjirvp Silver for CW, PMA 9
xlanpc Luciano for ES, Valhalla 6
jduome ***Mega - Top 10 Draft*** 8
tcmyrl Blue Keston for WJ, GS 5
blkbkm Jeter for JMB, GS 8
zrsrti Trout for MCM, CK 6
jchgdb Wander for GL, CK 11
upjgft 2x Vlad NNO for JW, Velocity 8
hsvccp PSA9 Lot, Velocity 7
mpxudc 10oz Geiger for DH, PMA 9
oasnge Stacker for BB, PMA 6
fefqhe Siakam Lot, Velocity 7
ampmub 75" for BD, GS 9
huauwq Wander for J, Valhalla 7
yforum Amazon Codes for KK, GS 9
aviihq Jarrett Stidham NT RPA for LS, Valhalla 8
pmcbcb Tatum Optic for KN, GS 8
dgtqgp Select Box 2 for BD, GS 8
glzprq Tatis Action for BT, GS 8
kuwhms Select Box for BD, GS 5
yagjix 2020 Topps Gypsy Queen Hobby Box 7
tbtvil 2020 Topps Series 1 Hobby Box 7
ajetzz 5x ASE for CP, PMA 10
sdarlh 2020 Topps Gypsy Queen Full Case PYT Break #3 10
qxiklw Blue Mears Main for JV, Valhalla 6
lutwai Mears Mini for JV, Valhalla 9
ubojqi Stacker for CR, PMA 7
dbywqp 12g Gold for CR, PMA 6
syrvsf Tatis Lot for JV, Valhalla 8
brodhs Wander PSA10 for TD, CK 8
bapocl KitKat for MS, PMA 12
usaasz Larnach Lot for RF, Valhalla 7
sestxg Yeti for CP, PMA 8
ihsulz Kilo for AM, PMA 6
ohptat Ja Prizm Silver Main, GS 10
tuslya Ja Prizm Silver Mini 2, GS 7
iyizyg True Lucy, Valhalla 8
lkwxsd Luciano Ref for ES, CK 7
umkbxc Acuna for CC, CK 7
uergly Acuna for TB, GS 6
mdizps Morant Silver Mini, GS 8
uylaxj Ja Orange Ice, CK 6
hubzzr 5x 2018 ASE for AM, PMA 8
lwwohc Pamp for DB, PMA 9
cxhkci Kelenic for MRM, Valhalla 10
eopvsu Freebie for TB, PMA 8
amlcpo Acuna for SAB, GS 7
kroxjs Pache, Valhalla 5
qpstaj Vlad NNO RR for TB, GS 7
cdlwij Blue Wander Main for RH, CK 6
uwxefa Blue Lindor for BM, CK 7
jozbnn Vlad NNO #2 for TB, GS 6
wrigwx 5x Lot for CW, PMA 8
gyqsxv Blue Wander Mini for RH, CK 9
luouzg Vlad NNO for TB, GS 11
bwxopk Karat for CW, PMA 8
rddgxp Kyler Auto for JR, GS 7
wfipav Zion for MRM, GS 10
fdmbzv MEGA. Top 3 spots wins choice, draft style for Colin D 5
ywdazs 2019 Bowman Draft Asia Edition Case Break #1 5
xtplfz Mini to close MEGA main 12 spots for Colin D 6
urkcrj Mega for Topps Boxes for WC, Velocity 8
hbmhtu Kiri Ref for BJ, Valhalla 8
hhwrny Acuna Update for KK, GS 7
azqcab Mini #1 for 2 spots! 2019 Bowman Draft Asia Edition Full Case Break 9
gpednp Jeter SGC7 for KK, GS 8
quzedo Zion PSA10, CK 9
hbnrsh Gleyber for SH, Valhalla 11
wgxlvd KRob for TA, Valhalla 7
dridvd Boxes Mini 1 for WC, Velocity 8
wfkaie Senzel RR for CM, CK 7
wlywgr Acuna RR for SB, Valhalla 11
ohdjcu Senzel for CM, CK 8
ofrjqo Nova, Valhalla 6
kvtcto Yeezy for JMB, GS 5
xrncac 100g Combi for NL, PMA 8
ibxltj Doncic Rated Rookie, CK 10
tqxmyi Parade Basketball Filler for BW, MN 6
vlnwmg Jersey Filler for BW, MN 9
omiwvz Acuna for SAB, Valhalla 6
qbyjzr Hoops Box #9 for RP, GS 6
qwbndj Optic Luka #2, CK 10
zlgpad Ja Base for KL, CK 8
niccnm Acuna #2 for SAB, Valhalla 11
rdzozv Luka, CK 8
ubcltw Trout for CF, CK 6
oidmew Acuna for SAB, Valhalla 8
qnujik NT Box for KN, Valhalla 8
zyqsmr Boombox #s 12
yccozi Trae for GD, GS 6
ahyxnr BVG7.5 Jeter for WS, Valhalla 5
bvsxkr Barrett Silver, GS 11
znltxn Kiri for TD, CK 8
mlxube Trae for GD, CK 7
wayksu Gold Nova for GD, Valhalla 7
nvxxjw Bleday for SG, Valhalla 8
jwtcfy Blue Nova for TA, Valhalla 8
ftejwt Air Max Round 3 for AB, FF 10
pyzihb Purple Luci for TD, CK 8
eyvuio Smoker Mini 1 for BD, GS 9
itvmzs Teddy Contenders for TL, CK 9
dospux 2020 S1 Lot for NW, GS 6
jhwlvc 2020 Topps S1 Case for BD, GS 5
gzomnq Air Max Reverse Camo #2 for AB, FF 11
fksddu Acuna for IH, CK 7
ffldei Acuna x2 for CN, CK 8
hddcbd Ja for KL, CK 9
syqocz Gold Coin for RH, CK 6
dztvdt Air Max Reverse Duck for AB, FF 5
jktobw Gleyber for MH, CK 10
wdglwk Trout for CJ, CK 11
yrkqck Vlad for NW, Valhalla 10
wulgzo Keston for PC, CK 10
uudmlj Vlad Lot Main for CD, Velocity 12
gvhlly Vlad Lot Mini for CD, Velocity 8
lzwxlj Acuna Main for JN, CK 8
qbzjcz Acuna Mini for JN, CK 8
acagaw Tatum for DS, CK 7
xrrqgp Prizm Cello for JW, Velocity 7
hhgqau Luka Doncic PSA 9 RC line for Chris C 7
umbpda Gold Royce Mini for TD, CK 6
osyptk Yeezy for BD, GS 9
pnuvrg Zion for BD, GS 7
dhbcqk Pete Metal for DP, GS 10
piptiw Keston for RR, CK 9
ldafhj Shai RR, GS 11
kcokki Rose RC PSA9 for KL, GS 5
mwtnqu Shai PSA10, GS 5
vzdfkb Trout for CF, CK 7
tzqkoa Acuna HU R3, CK 12
qcecsr Acuna HU R2, CK 6
akaddr BGS 9 Lebron for DW, GS 10
xsjvgd Casas Dime, Valhalla 8
fqmhhl Acuna HU, CK 6
kmwwjo UD Manning for JC, GS 10
lujbjq Peyton for JC, GS 9
lgfghv Acuna for HS, Valhalla 6
wgkclf Kelenic for MF, CK 7
axhney Trout Update for BM, CK 10
vxawrn Shai, CK 8
ghfmmx Canario PSA10, Valhalla 9
mjclpv 2020 Topps Gypsy Queen Full Case PYT Break #2 - JAYS RANDOM 12
ranxkk ***Mega - Top 10 Draft*** 5
zyvlue Acuna Finest for IH, CK 7
fjqdcm Gleyber for NB, GS 6
nqoqgm Acuna RR for IH, CK 8
juqdel Purple Luciano for TD, CK 8
nkcdtn Luka for CW, GS 8
nybgax Royce Ref for CW, CK 7
ckchpc Acuna for IH, CK 6
xfbsmy Gold for DP, CK 9
nztkpa Blue Royce for TD, CK 11
iefgon Pache Ref for JN, CK 11
tbhszg Boombox Order 12
neamew Wander Ref for RH, CK 10
frkmbt 2020-2019 Baseball 5 Box Mixer #8 9
xrsfnp Ja Base PSA10 for NW, Velocity 11
uzgarn Morant PSA10 Mini for NW, Velocity 6
ldepjw Ripken White Whale for RC, GS 6
zysbax Ripken RR for RC, GS 7
ussife Ripken for RC, GS 6
jedlqf Acuna for BM, CK 8
kvifqq Acuna x2 for ZJ, Valhalla 9
wulyxz Soto Update Dime, Valhalla 7
reuapn Alonso RR for DP, GS 6
eyrmem Urias for BR, Valhalla 11
aymlrc Pache for JY, GS 8
qxihta Lebron for JMB, GS 7
rofdsn 2020 Topps Inception FULL Case Break #4 – PYT 7
csxhtg KRob, Valhalla 6
igaucv Skybox Box for MH, GS 7
uzfnpy Trout for CF, CK 7
wsmbxx Alonso for DP, GS 7
uwbqgb Acuna 2 Pack H2H, CK 9
yagfyt Kiri for ZJ, Valhalla 8
tnnxsa Luka for JN, CK 8
ngdtil Robert Chrome 2 Pack, GS 9
uljoin Wander Chrome 2 Pack, GS 8
fpkxdm Kelenic RR for ZJ, CK 9
fpwqga Tatis Lot RR, CK 6
ocqgno Wander for MF, CK 10
slzkry Lux for TA, Valhalla 11
yvqesc Tatis SP PSA10, Valhalla 10
wgdoxp Tatis Lot, CK 10
nqpxdt Trout for CF, GS 9
lmhlis Jays Line for Matt C 10
yyudgz Mini to fill 11 spots for Orelvis/Biggio line for Matt C 10
spdvbp 2020 Topps Gypsy Queen Full Case Break #1 7
pxgguz Vlad Ref for JN, CK 9
zeaxiy Alonso for DP, GS 5
gxkrtx Rui Silver for JW, GS 10
rhpqqw Inceptions Reds Mini, BB 10
zjsqdt Inception Astros Mini, BB 7
acwjtc Morant Base, CK 7
wwawvx Ronny for RF, Valhalla 9
ithpwk March 22, 2020 Mixer Breaks 8
ratmir March 22, 2020 Mixer Breaks 8
cfqbbr March 22, 2020 Mixer Breaks 12
myosgw March 22, 2020 Mixer Breaks 5
qiqvyg Bat Down PSA10 for JC, GS 7
sgenlm Gorman for BW, GS 5
zdbwys Gold Madrigal for GD, CK 6
imiwoz Ja Prizm Base PSA10, GS 7
aymztk Luciano for TB, Valhalla 7
ebgoao Soto Acuna Update for DH, GS 9
eumvhg Morant PSA10, CK 9
rzrstq Inception Case #3 Skunk 8
pfghym Inception Case #2 Skunk 7
afgnsk Inception Case #1 Skunk 7
qzzmry Rotobox Draft Order, 808 6
oaxgql 2020 Topps Inception FULL Case Break #3 10
ptltqz Acuna, Valhalla 8
pevhlj Trout for IH, CK 7
labtcp Abrams Ref, Valhalla 12
jvrfqi Vlad Ref for JN, CK 6
gmrfop Eloy, Valhalla 7
uuozbp Acuna Update, GS 5
ikxrpk Acuna Update, CK 7
ntvwdv Brady for JW, Valhalla 11
yncosa Trout for CF, CK 9
llmfhu Acuna Blue Jersey, Valhalla 7
ftncmq 2020-2018 Baseball 5 Box Mixer #7 10
sggvix 2020-2018 Baseball 5 Box Mixer #6 5
zjkqvi 2020-2018 Baseball 5 Box Mixer #5 8
nlsybq Grand Opening Giveaway! 8
acvbqi Gleyber for ER, Valhalla 5
zsggui Kyler for SB, GS 5
ibzntw Wander Mini for DP, Valhalla 8
cmxkja 64 Mays for MB, GS 7
gnswvy Optics Football Boxes for ER, 808 6
fnntzq Senzel for DS, Valhalla 7
ptnelw JRod for CBB, Valhalla 9
rgeqtg Ja Silver for JN, CK 6
uhaudl Yeezy for KN, FF 8
ufgzoh Trout for CF, Valhalla 7
fevkvf Luciano for J, Valhalal 9
qpjcpa Soto for DP, GS 5
rmrbua Yeezy for KK, FF 8
zlcmah Acuna HU R3, CK 6
xsakxr Soto Update for DP, GS 10
syrmos Purple Luciano for AT, Valhalla 8
uphmmq 62 Topps Lot for MG, GS 7
xbnnbr Soto for DP, GS 9
eiemdj Acuna HU R2, CK 7
lfdkrn Acuna HU, CK 11
xuvymn 2020 Topps Inception FULL Case Break #2 5
ytbdfk Vlad Mega, Veloctiy 10
pylrkz Draft Sapphire Box for NW, Velocity 7
frqtkb Inception Case #2 Mini, Velocity 7
mtodvs Kobe for LY, GS 11
otaowc TP Bills for ST, FF 10
odaqjf Wander Ref JN, CK 8
nrwzty Purple Kieboom for DP, GS 5
lvkgws Kelenic for CBB, Valhalla 7
snrurm 2020 Topps Inception FULL Case Break #1 11
qdycqc Senzel for DS, CK 9
fgexih Luciano for ZJ, Valhalla 6
yilcks Vlad NNO #2, Velocity 9
pbsake Mega for SPB, Velocity 7
gwcboj March 19th, 2020 Randoms 5
veldna March 19th, 2020 Randoms 7
owqlyc March 19th, 2020 Randoms 5
imbrlj March 19th, 2020 Randoms 7
jfnirl Yordan for DB, CK 7
djlvkg Vlad Series 2 Missing Card Number PSA10 for WW 9
zgsdvo Acuna for GP, GS 5
ckxqwv Keston for MF, CK 7
leexgs Acuna for NW, GS 7
jqoqqv Gold Trout for RL, CK 8
vvpuqx Griffey for TD, CK 6
xbhcyy Vlad NNO for NW, GS 8
zzqqey Dual Auto for ER, Valhalla 5
bpppii Vlad NNO for TD, CK 9
ftttjg RWB Luka for BR, CK 8
ulegmy Select Box for RW, GS 12
zmszid Gold Optic Sexton for DO, GS 9
doalnb 2020 Topps Heritage Box Division Break #8 5
ovrpbb 2020 Topps Heritage Box Division Break #7 7
ztsaym Yeezy for MB, FF 6
ubuihg Select Ja for MM, CK 8
qvleqv ***Mega - Top 5 Draft*** 7
acjozb Trout Update Auto for ER, Valhalla 8
ndkget Boxes for JN, Valhalla 11
vjsjuw 2020 Topps Series 1 - Hobby Box Division Break #2 10
tkkcal 2020 Topps Series 1 - Hobby Box Division Break #1 7
tusege 2020-2018 Baseball Mixer #4 7
whmfkt Morant, GS 8
ugiwox Kelenic, CK 10
wfngnr KRob for TD, CK 10
qqllmk Acuna for KB, GS 8
rdauxh Gorman for AJK, CK 6
tsinze Lebron for MK, GS 6
othcay Casasssssssss for ER, Valhalla 5
rtvuem Vlad rc relic /99 for RUSS 6
lvimzv Zion Dime for MF, CK 8
cxsivq Senzel Dime for JW, Valhalla 6
ywvzmq Tatis x3 for JL, CK 8
hgvwgg Lebron for MF, CK 8
levcsz Zion True for GD, CK 7
bmgsnh Vaughn True for GP, Valhalla 5
cgenvl Trae for MM, CK 9
trslsm Luciano for TD, CK 8
jfqvfe Eloy RR for JN, CK 10
shfjpo Ronny for TD, Valhalla 6
jzqnoe Vlad for JN, CK 7
ekzlgy Eloy for JN, CK 11
hvijgv Canario for JW, Valhalla 7
llalfv RWB Trae for BR, CK 7
ctmwxv Soto #2 for NW, GS 7
lbgltz Soto for NW, GS 11
dylrjw Vintage Lot for MG, GS 8
nmgjhd Ortiz for RM, GS 9
cizist Royce True+ for NW, GS 5
qifmwy Robert for CF, GS 6
opfbea Chrome Lot Main for SPB, Chipper 11
wieeoc Wander for AJK, SCN 6
cflyqj Chrome Lot Mini for SPB, Chipper 9
dywdty Robert Mini for CF, GS 7
wkofac Yeshaya Main for ND, FF 10
pbamrs Top 3 for ND, FF 6
rkmsmt Soto for LK, GS 5
gogeof Acuna RR, CK 9
pulajn Pache, Valhalla 7
dwlkdt Casas, CK 6
pyyhjf Doncic for KK, CK 7
eiilnt Acuna for JL, CK 12
cpwvfb Acuna for MF, CK 12
ecmnbr Pache for TB, CK 12
ixgkiv MEGA - Vladimir Guerrero Jr 2016 Bowman Chrome Auto BGS 9.5 12
zaquzn PSA9 Bo for CD, Chipper 6
feymqe Bat Down for KB, Valhalla 9
fkngwz Green Mears for JV, Valhalla 9
cvpsay Soto SP, Valhalla 9
gpaudq 2019 Bowman Miguel Hiraldo Base True Gem for COREY 5
nfjgbv Paper Lot for TA, Valhalla 9
afojxx Tatis for SH, CK 10
rhjwtl Acuna for IH, CK 7
jhmhpz Lucy for SH, Valhalla 7
wwsqgn Soto for RL, CK 10
pvyjxg Acuna for IH, CK 6
faqgtz Rose RC for GL, CK 8
cucamk Acuna Rainbow Foil, Valhalla 7
mnhxvy Bowman Chrome Case for KG, CK 8
zjlypy Zion for PF, CK 7
czevmv Orange Ice Zion for MH, GS 6
jtzjqr Prestige Boxes Top 2 for JW, Chipper 6
infqar Marte Main for CD, Chipper 6
itjpul Marte Mini for CD, Chipper 10
jbmbot Kieboom for CW, CK 7
oplbli Zion for RH, CK 7
grrygr Trae for KL, CK 8
slyabf 2020/2019 Baseball Mixer #3 10
kekoxe Blue Baty for SPB, Valhalla 10
ecuwxf Acuna Update for SAB, Valhalla 6
mamcqf Luciano Ref for SJ, Valhalla 8
rhqbcj Giannis Certified for RF, GS 11
vzqfee Giannis Hoops for BD, GS 6
dkuwtg Trae for KL, CK 7
pwwhpx 2020 Topps Heritage Box Division Break #6 9
gqvezn Tatis for MR, CK 6
sqztmp Acuna RR, CK 6
yssdrn Survivor List 2 10
ajdslw Survivor List 1 5
lmaeeh 2020/2019 Baseball Mixer #2 7
gznzks 2019 Bowman Chrome Josh Jung Purple refractor auto /250 for DOUG 6
zumldl Mini for 2 spots to close Josh Jung auto for DOUG 8
evcdyc 7 not completed
wlcaku Soto for JN, CK 8
ahbxby Trae for MH, CK 6
pnvxyi Acuna Update for TA, CK 6
nnfxyu Acuna for JN, Valhalla 8
oiesxs TC Soto for JN, CK 8
nyhpad Waters for DP, Valhalla 5
vzbops Pearson Auto for NW, Chipper 9
mktgud Kelenic for DP, GS 6
sjtaeq Soto Variation, Valhalla 7
xulrkj 2020 Topps Opening Day #2 Top 2 Win a Box Each! 8
ctuokh Acuna for GL, CK 9
ammqlu Bichette for MF, CK 6
xqvtwa Trae for TB, CK 7
otilmn GC & Silver Bar for CW, GS 10
ufvvfv Pink Ice SGA for TB, CK 6
lehnpf Cartaya for AJK, Valhalla 9
mvxlms White Lot for BD, CK 6
onomnf Pink Soto for SAB, GS 6
fvfziz Purple Ice White for BS, GS 8
zzvako Ronny for KL, CK 6
gudcbe Nico WTA for AT, Valhalla 9
fcdlqx Soto for BM, CK 8
jaruiz 2020 Topps Opening Day - 5 Box Break #2 - Random Teams 8
xkdqhr 2020 Topps Opening Day - 5 Box Break #1 - Random Teams 7
wiogdj Opening Day Boxes for NW, Chipper 5
qhcaql Soto True+ x2 for DH, GS 8
ftsifw 1941 Joe DiMaggio for BL, CK 10
pwxxpx Zion BGS 9.5 8
ulvcmz Zion Mini #2 9
gyoidw Zion Mini #1 11
bjjxhk Vlad Jr Chrome Refractor RC PSA 10 for Dave 7
lbnizs Zion for RA, CK 7
ztalcb Soto Rainbow Fun 8
sodqyy Zion Mini for MW, Chipper 7
tuvfzl KRob for GD, Valhalla 9
gdqtzb Trout for DP, GS 12
pfnkkb Acuna for MS, Valhalla 5
uowwgv Acuna for PW, GS 7
ccbksp Acuna for DP, GS 9
pjzisx Acuna Update US250 PSA 10 9
pskfhc Blue Ronny for DP, Valhalla 10
jhdcko Kelenic for KB, Valhalla 7
eiewbu Randoms for Multiplayer Cards March 6th, 2020 5
prfvyz Randoms for Multiplayer Cards March 6th, 2020 5
icmzsf Randoms for Multiplayer Cards March 6th, 2020 5
pgqeuo Randoms for Multiplayer Cards March 6th, 2020 5
nszmvc Vlad Jr NNO no number for JW 7
figgxv Kershaw for BM, CK 10
oucpym Vlad NNO for IH, CK 7
dilrxt Ja Morant Base for MF, CK 7
jmzlzl Robert for J, Valhalla 8
xwrhsr Green Zion for BS, CK 7
yfsrne 2019-20 Panini Select ONE BOX BREAK #2 8
oqqhik 56 Jackie for BS, CK 8
wapgii 2020/2019 Baseball Mixer #1 7
hgrdyr JRod RR for TB, CK 8
glbjqg 2020 Topps Heritage Box Division Break #5 6
xaunfj 2020 Topps Heritage Box Division Break #4 6
zwoiun 2020 Topps Heritage Box Division Break #3 11
crcirj 2019-20 Panini Select ONE BOX BREAK #1 6
koiksp 2020 Donruss Box Division Break #3 11
sbyaqm 2020 Donruss Box #2 7
zrewph 2020 Donruss Box Division Break #2 11
laaolx 2020 Donruss Box Division Break #1 8
edlpai Orange Nico for SPB, Valhalla 7
xrddrl Wander PSA10 for DD, CK 8
hhjqdr Wander Mini for DD, CK 9
xjxdaf WTA Lot for GM, Valhalla 7
zemxxe Trae Silver for MM, CK 7
jmuhuw Acuna HU #3, CK 6
ncaozg Acuna HU #2, CK 10
eehxcr Senzel for IH, CK 11
lxwpen Acuna Heads Up, CK 10
piwzmx Soto Updates for TD, Valhalla 8
hmsjyq Senzel HU, CK 9
mymlwb Kiri, CK 9
uhqvll Wander for RG, Valhalla 7
hgozfr Casas Speckle for RB, Valhalla 8
qhaxug Blue Busch for JL, Valhalla 8
yfkrqx Zion HU, CK 8
pxcsce Soto Update for MG, CK 9
rjuzjo Soto PSA10, CK 8
ihjrek Wander PSA, Valhalla 5
fxhhga Gold Shewmake for ER, Valhalla 10
hzkbvx Jeter HU, CK 8
jllwdh Select Box for ER, 808 10
napgih Soto Lot for MF, CK 10
acyuny Kawhi Kaboom for JC, GS 6
kjumft AD for ETJ, GS 5
jezkgo Nico for SB, Valhalla 10
izprbg Random Team for Gio 7
mgeudq RWB Luka for NP, GS 7
gspjlj Select for CA, Valhalla 10
ezlugo Cavan Relic 10
fklauc Bo Relic 11
hcqhtx Vlad Relic 7
fhxkiy Tatis x2 for CJ, GS 7
pyllom Senzel Dime RR for DS, GS 5
fgbeny Yeezy, GS 10
fwupwe Acuna Lot for AD, GS 7
xnetuc Zion for MRM, GS 6
byzhzj Senzel Dime for DS, GS 10

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —