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Giveaways by West Coast Graphers (26)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Pacific time)
xmgosw Vinny Main Ferny 13
eyjcwa Mini to close Vinny ferny 6
wljbvj Chavez main Tony Sandoval 8
tseaqm VINNY mini #1 Ferny 9
fmqvll Mini to close Sandoval 6
jfposy Winner picks Ferny 11
uhjczb Mini Ferny 7
rmzcjw Belli Bill Burns 8
infecs Vinny Main Ferny 10
kfopym Belli main Ferny 9
scushg Belli mini to close Ferny 11
dgmosd Vinny mini Ferny Ferny 9
rtaxcr Belli mini #1 Ferny 8
vftrnb NOMO main Mija 10
kohbtg Mini to close NOMO Mija 9
eduuci Mookie main Larry Lar 7
qvmpjv SEAGER main Bill Burns 11
aqqwkg Lakers Tix Alfonso 8
oazzuf Mini to close Mookie Larry Lar 8
ovuudi Mini to close infield Bill Burns 10
somslw Kobe hockey top 2 B ANGEL 8
acuqll NOMO main Aldana 6
ugdqmf Mini to close NOMO Aldana 7
oxddhq OREL Bill Burns 8
eivlxo Turner Sandy 7

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —