Giveaways by Chris Kelley (29)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Central time)
cusbpx Jeff mini for rd5 10
shypui Danni m main oto 10
fvoutw Danni mini oto 9
gxlozt Foto candie main 7
aduoar Foto shard mini 8
uealen Foto shard mini 7
ezqdcw Jeff Rndms mini 10
ivedyb Jason Kaws book main 10
jyxkmv Matthew a wc c 12
hgpdgv Jason Lui mini kaws book 11
eptiaw Jeff prize for Jorge 13
oynmqr Jeff random winner rnd4 10
cpxiqv Matthew a wc mini 12
unhzzc Jeff mini 10
kngelz Micah shini main 12
dtyngr Jeff mini 1 11
ffoeam Jeff prize list for Jay 12
nlneai Jeff’s random game round 3 11
jrhtkn Micah mini 2 shini 11
dzxfwh Micah mini shin mini 11
fonrzz Prize list for Jeff and Randall 14
luiqxx Jeff round 2 random 15
lklczw Foxy main 7
watpch Jeff prize for Jason Lui 9
stbuwa Jeff random winner rd1 10
gucynm Foxy final 13
hpkiff Jason Lui Kaiju black and gold 9
qqowtb Foxym3 16
qmechm Foxy m2 11

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —