Giveaways by Chris Kelley (92)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Central time)
dhmxrl Aren Halu Main 9
ptnnwf Dennis Marquez May 21 at 11:28 AM Ziqi Wu - Race Car Dino (Pink - Signed) 10
zeeaoe Terra Monteith Patrick Bettinger JLed Zodiac set full 6
bwpccv Sam Skelton 12 hrs Dualle exec veng 9
zqcpde Dennis Marquez 20 hrs Ziqi Wu - Race Car Dino (Pink Signed) MINI 3 - FINAL 12
iezpdu Terra Monteith Evan Martinez Quiccs teqmon 3dhero 11
xwyhjz Eric Williams JLeD Tiger Dunny 8
fpyjuz Tuan Lam Headspace – The White Set by Luke Chueh 12
pflihf Dennis Marquez 21 hrs Ziqi Wu - Race Car Dino (Pink Signed) MINI 2 12
sjkxys Scott Wilson Mint Jermaine Roger's Full Size Pneuma 12
ihytvh Aren Fong 12 hrs Ruffle 16
ozhxey Dennis Marquez 15 hrs Ziqi Wu - Race Car Dino (Pink Signed) MINI 1 8
avdtkl Aren Fong Nibble And Root 10
xuzgln Tuan Lam Quiccs DIYs 12
jqmtxo Tyler Winners Choice Main 13
vzrulg Aren Winners Choice Main 12
obmrkj Scott Mini Print 15
eecbvy Terra Monteith Admin · 15 hrs Honey King 2 Colin HOffman 15
buiwlb Tyler Pasterczyk Yesterday at 9:24 AM FINAL MINI umasou 11
poekvx Luke James Cells Ignited 11
hndcel Scott Wilson May 18 at 11:13 AM Pnuema Mini #1 16
lkcoes States of Matter Cosmos rd2 MikeDiSandro Terra 13
rmwawb Tyler Pasterczyk MINI #1 7
rptlqm States of Matter Trance Main Patrick Terra 13
fimuor Sam Skelton Boba Tea Blk Main 5
umwsod Sam Skelton 2 hrs Star wars mini 2 of 2 12
uqxjhy Anthony Porzio Yesterday at 6:17 PM Infected Pikachu 11
uzygcy Brandon Ito Jryu 20" Clairvoyant Antique Dunny Never Displayed 6
jaqhvl Sam Skelton 8 hrs Star wars mini 1 of 2 15
znfwym Bito Mini Jryu 15
uiusij Terra Coarse Mini 2 7
osxprd Terra Coarse Mini 12
jrmbju States of Matter Cosmos Terra Patrick 13
jftjoa Terra Monteith Patrick B Mini for Cosmos States of matter 15
feyzue Nicole Kelley 5” kibbochan original 13
oezwox Tyler Vitello May 8 at 8:22 PM BLACK TRUFFLE BAO 6
isujyd Tyler Mini 9
uxjrqo Volkmar Rogers Main 10
aglcpy Jeremy Kove May 9 at 10:47 AM BobaQ63Set 11
jhznoo Sam Skelton May 8 at 12:36 AM Robotech 12
bvxitz Matt Octo Main 11
oriuaj Matt octo mini 14
ekzedb Weedian Lester S Terra Main Simpsons set 13
qzqqhb Patrick Volkmar 6 hrs Creeping Specter Mini 14
hxzrzc Jeremy Kove 19 hrs QuiccsBobaMini2 11
mtngai Jeremy Kove 20 hrs QuiccccsMini1 7
yizjgf Main Kove Birds 10
pnyuio sam robot mini 15
qlbmos Weedian 9
vwsnwb Shadow Animal JR Morty LV 12
qtniqx Jr Animal Shadow mini to cap Morty Lv 8
twjvnf Tuan Lam Bruce Lee Gold Version 10
hnzjsh Tyler Vitello Hello Kitty Quiccs Winners choice 11
lpehck Hello Kitty x Quiccs Winners Choice (MINI) Tyler Vitello 11
yinkgd Colin mAy False Friends 9
vxaugu Marick Stawis Eric Scarecrow ‘Little Liberty’ Winners Choice 9
qccqxl Colin May Mini 2 False Friends 10
emlnwl Terra Monteith Giacomo Lustre and Haze 12
rcdfqd Quiccs Nano Winners Choice Tyler V 10
inscej Colin May 6 hrs MINI #1 - Coarse Reignited 8
ndmaod Matthew Alonsagay Yesterday at 8:53 AM Green Camo Ravager 11
nnhayi TEst Tiebreaker 13
hntbop Jeremy Kove April 30 at 6:56 PM Teq63 HX 13
yrhtbj Jeremy Kove Yesterday at 12:32 PM Teqhx Mini 11
dzwfpo Susie Rapoza Lester S Rebel Ink Clear 12
edaxvx Terra Monteith Patrick Bettinger Locks blush 10
ltpjbx Terra Monteith Admin · Yesterday at 9:11 PM New Mini #1 for zigzags 8
ircuxi Susie Rapoza Lester Sandoval Rebel Ink by Secret Base 6
uyjjtd April Giveaway Cory Goya 10
tonlpw Luke Chueh Wannabe Dunny Kidrobot Iamjc JC 9
yacnch Sam Skelton Monster candy bar japanese versioN 10
hafqdi MINI Kidrobot Wannabe Dunny Luke Chueh 5" Iamjc JC 13
savxry JR PINS SUSIE 10
bjgsbj Jermaine Roger's Blow Up Doll Glow Variant Scott Wilson 17
lzuarf Brandon Yoshikane April 26 at 1:39 PM G I T D 8
acfdir Sam Skelton 23 hrs (SOLD)Green gitd dunny 13
oqpozo Sam Skelton Mini Kilkat 10
wtshqz Terra Monteith Admin · 8 hrs Kwaii round 2 8
jglmfd Rick Garcia 5 hrs Quiccs Manila Killa 6” 14
rfaids Terra Monteith Admin · 8 hrs Kwaii 10
tfsjba Brandon Yoshikane Yesterday at 9:01 PM CAPPED- MINI 8
rxpaqh Morty LV Moderator · April 19 at 12:20 PM Big Dino Little Dino: Micro Dino Guts Edition! 13
qrfsoe Morty LV Moderator · 1 hr Big Dino Little Dino: Micro Dino Guts Edition! 14
csnqwe Animal Terra Patrick 10
dbsbco Discount spots for Animal! Terra patrick 12
ppjzib Terra Monteith Jermaine Rogers Defaced full size Jackalope Geald Douglas 8
lwzvwa Terra Monteith Admin · 50 mins Mini to cap Animal Patrick 6
mcrfwj Morty LV Big Dino Little Dino: Micro Dino Guts Edition 8
jgfopw Terra Monteith Admin · 6 hrs Mini for Defaced Full Size JR 7
hvgqff Cory Cory Creath Juan Muniz Felipe bundle 7

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —