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Giveaways by Christopher Parisian (16)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(Canada/Central time)
xogdrh 1oz JM hammerback bar 3
pesevy 2023 1oz American Eagle 3
gtpokv 1oz JBR bar 3
oiogiy Main , td gold, 10z eagle, 1oz lion. 3
fydlfp Mini a in td, eagle and lion 3
fzpjwr 2023 1g Gold Maple 3
szrdvt 2021 1/10oz Gold Maple 3
azvqjf Main ~ 3oz silver ryu una and lion alien coins 3
lwgzwb Mini ~ 3 oz silver ~ ryu una and lion alien coins 3
aacxti Winners choice main. Choose between 1\10oz maple or 3x1g cash gold card. 3
qzxxkx Mini a winners choice 1\10oz maple or 3x1 g card 3
gppvvr 1g gold pamp 3
odepgk 2oz SILVER, 1oz JM flat back bar, 1oz Niue roaring lion coin. 3
yjhacz IGR 0.5g gold bar 3
fotqpy 1945 gold Mexican dos pesos coin 3
vxumta 1oz alien and ufo coin colored 3

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —