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Giveaways by Jaime Campos (24)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Central time)
jcrzok Jaime Rd3 HK Hat 5
jbopdf Jaime Rd2 HK WC 7
ljvptx Jaime HK WC Rd1 7
yjsnve Jaime MiLB Freebie 10
gyozfb Juan Reyes Orbit 7ALCS 5
umbtnf Joshua M Breggy Be Someone 6
bbfmhm Jaime 24 HK 7
wcrchw Heleno HK Tix 5
htnjbt SLSC Tix 7
ahnxzu Chi HK Bundle 10
qyyynb Alex R Space City Tote 6
konrrq Jaime Space City Bag 2 5
gzsudv Jaime Space City Bag 1 6
kpmvrs Jaime Sammy CC 6
livtui Jaime Tuve Whataburger 6
cyhipw Jay Rox WTA 6
mlhpgx Jaime WC Nephew 6
twxrgo Chi Clemens Baggy Pix 6
luxnvm OG Altuve Grail 6
nnbkkh Jaime WC Orbit Gold Framber NoNo 3
xiyihb Jaime Altuve Grail Freebie 9
zazefe Alize JP France 5
axtxqc Jaime JP France 7
cfyopz Jaime Tuve Whataburger Grail 10

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —