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Giveaways by Jesse Warber (409)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/East-Indiana time)
wbkqwj Ant for Adam 9
njofon Greek freak for Jason 7
fctmyy Riley for Sam 9
kvteag Mini for Sam 9
pgvygh Prizm for Greg 7
mmiapg McLain for Greg 8
sxzjxs Kiner for Samantha 10
ycuqzq Elly for Bobby 7
agfwig Mini for Anthony 8
bbkuds Mini for Landon 12
ddkhwa Tucker for Trent 11
hmncqn QB card for Michael 8
suvmfa Ps5 for Chester 9
lqhkfq Optic for Frank 8
qbyblg Monopoly for Sam 8
unvxmh Pokémon for Josh 10
peyjip Ant for John’s 9
ugnkce Elly Wyatt for Bobby 9
dpfyqn Mini for Anthony 8
wgrlhs CJ for Mark 11
fwwaut West for Gissell 8
lkqiwk Jason for Felix 7
figlck Riley for Chris 8
ndkqxc Puka for Jason 8
cbgdrh Mini for Frank 11
qrxeqf Albies for Sam 9
iqemfn Winner picks for Brian 10
qkmudb Mini for Felix 8
mauzuh Tatum for John’s 10
tteszf Pick one for Davy 9
zddods Psa 10’s for Sam 8
klcotp Wemby for Brian 10
zebsgv Mini 2 for Samantha 11
jttiim Cigars for Pop 9
vpwhgy Mini for Frank 8
aovvww Snacks for Pop 10
rypftn Mini for Frank 11
hmfnqh CJ for Jason 11
fpzsxc Ozzie for Marty 12
jpyyhw Ant lot for Josh 9
pcuucp Winners choice for Brian 7
altdgz Snack mini for Pop 5
jexgoo Acuna for Jason 9
oqxpfd Harris for Chris 11
kazdzw Gold and silver for Beau 11
miullw Harris for Marty 8
vcfxrs Harris Mini for Chris 8
ztzkoj Mini for Jason 5
gmquhd Cable box for Pop 10
ilkhsf Mini for Samantha 5
ijxdqk Cable box mini for Pop 7
wvqwox Chipper for Sam 8
ejguok Cookout for pop 7
fhgmov Jason for Felix 9
mllkzr Monopoly for Sam 11
fksdty Jrod uni for Felix 7
jbgeyp Jason mask for Felix 7
dajksz Winners choice for Brian 7
zpoeru Pokémon for Junie 8
vmszdy Pokémon for Anthony 8
iiywwu Mega for Aaron 9
aqtszh Adley for Kevin 9
mlcjek Lara for Kevin 7
alefzi JDom for Kevin 7
payhrc Top 6 for Aaron 7
knvaep Winners choice for Dani 9
edtray Pokémon for Eric 12
svgoor Jones for Dave 9
dovpkv Cronin for Dave 8
vrffoh Snacks for Pop 8
fetxsv Mini for Dave 8
iywitr Snack mini for Pop 6
ffedth Wood for Herbert 7
mzoyms J Jetta for cook 9
iacvmd Acuna for Samantha 8
rkaqmd McLain for Kevin 7
ipjsdu Pc clean out for Eric 7
izsixb Jalen for John’s 9
jwgawv Winners choice for Brian 9
kxorwi Wemby bonus for Junior 8
elbqjn Teams for Aaron 11
jpobgc Ohtani for Bobby 13
eybqff Top 3 for Aaron 9
ybnnmg Pokémon for Eric 8
eiaiqq Mini for Anthony 10
qjzjae Winner choice for Brian 7
xhutwb CJ for Sam 7
iwtarz Mini 2 for Sam 8
psqzoj Judge for Kevin 9
skihjt Mini for Bobby 9
pzinqw Tiger for John’s 8
yflayn Hulk Logan 7
wsyatl Mini for Mike 7
yesjkj Harris for Brandon 7
vhaejm Dual for Jose 5
wqlnft CJ for Cook 11
qqludj Spider for Davy 7
cntkjp Cap for Dennis 10
zzkrom Pokémon for Anthony 7
gehvnj Freebie for Don 7
ijzzjd Soto for Herb 8
civawz Mini 5 Bobby 10
eattny Harris for Lee 8
xvhsda Winners choice for Brian 7
qkvflz Arnold for Felix 8
rjcbxd Tiger for John’s 9
okudds Harris for Lee 11
dadfkr Winners choice for Brian 11
masemo CJ for Sam 10
nfkrob Wemby lot for James 10
alrjbc Mini 4 for Junior 7
ohdrvk Micro for Tim 9
hwltgh Mini for Anthony 8
aclriy Chong for Casey 7
ucyeeg Mini for Casey 10
pbnpjp Teams for Mike 7
hrqsge Harris lot for Dave 9
udkkan Free tin for beau 10
lfqqlr Winners choice for Dani 7
ghpmcm Wemby for Raymond 12
cembhw Wemby for James 7
namruv Bowman for Frank 10
xqjgre Mega for FSP 7
qhrjbe Knife for Pop 8
jdsdth Mini for Frank 8
pbrzic Wemby for John’s 9
ubvxpw Tote for Pop 8
crzefe Elly for Logan 9
nejmca Jackson for Garret 11
rjpzvv Winners choice for Brian 9
gdqkqw CJ for Danny 10
ljwqib Ohtani for Anthony 7
ptwlun Ant for Shawn 8
kdkniy Mini for Junior 9
facazk Vlad for John 10
stfgrg Char for Lupe 9
ylcfxa New mini 7rds for Samantha 7
ejjjxa Julio for Maldonado 7
axtykf New mini 2 for Samantha 7
mmhmhh Volpe for Josh 11
tgnwpv Optic for FSP 12
pafvrw RVD for Logan 7
rmcgzf Jordan for Jason 8
hufbps Optic for FSP 8
lbncny Clark for Johns 11
dzydiv Mini 2 for Bobby 10
dxyfdv Pool mini pop 11
wctjml Waddle for Eric 7
hkpwwq Ant man for Johns 9
gluamp Mini for Anthony 8
saqutz Brunson for Johns 7
nuqffd Mini for Junior 12
xphwdk Beard for John’s 7
cjkhvd Boxers for Logan 8
ilsgji Jordan for Davy 10
nvccuy Optic for FSP 8
qvgkwu Top 7 for Aaron 10
ggpdls Wemby for Bobby 9
wpnyyx Pokémon for Eric 10
hqfmfp Winner picks for Brian 9
tpvngm Main for Dennis 9
aptogy Mini for Dennis 7
iondyd Prizm for FSP 8
kxwils Vlad for Chad 12
bfbfnr Char for Brandon 7
mikcka Wemby for John’s 9
iyhxsg Pokémon for Eric 8
uxlzze Winner picks for Brian 7
fvxbyq Flux for Don 8
zfsdwl Mini for Jacob 12
xgzxkm Levi’s for James 7
ljfmgx Rose for Logan 8
nzzvmh Hellraiser for Logan 11
pkckdr Mini Anthony 11
elavwb Home goods pop 6
wgbwgz Top 3 For Avery 11
ghpabp Mini for Avery 8
vrucgm Acuna for Ashley 13
mqkewl Leaf for Anthony 10
bgyece Mini for Anthony 7
bflcuh Gleyber for Jeff 6
bfrbzg Mini Ashley 8
ntphju Wemby red Johns 8
yhmolz Main for Peace 11
hxppsw Wemby Johns 7
uozvco Mini for Peace 9
nqwjrb Winner choice for pop 6
kurutm Wemby for Brian 7
hnsprr Teams for Aaron 6
ppektm Peewee for Kevin 7
yxeeou Mosaic for Eric 7
yjezsa Mini for Aaron 10
iwyuqy Select for Gabriel 8
bunioh Wemby for Jason 9
tanojv Select for Gabriel 7
srqntg Mini for Anthony 7
nienym Mini for Jacob 7
ccorqy Lot for Logan 7
rywqnw 3 winners for Avery 9
nfckug Bowman for Frank 9
stqzqf Prizm for Don 9
akoenc Fan for Pop 6
plptvu Bowman for Anthony 11
smvoxe Mini for Frank 8
gowefi Ohtani for Ernie 8
kdaihw Jackie for Juan 10
egtbsg Optic for Gerardo 10
jxejjx Mini for Gerardo 10
vcentv CJ for James 8
iebuej CJ for John’s 9
txhgyu Hali for John 9
jsysio Mini for James 7
sjfobe Cable box for Tanner 11
jjenoi Clark for Johns 9
aajmxs Wemby for Davy 7
npnbqh Mini for Tanner 7
qlppcr Main for Jason 8
bmfloe Mini for James 7
anlvrc Teams for Aaron 12
izefxp Harris for Michael 7
iokaog Tovar for Sebastian 8
tnfogf Home goods for Pop 9
dmjgew Shirt for Pop 5
cwfztd 🔪 for Pop 6
wlquig Top 2 for Anthony 9
moktab Mantle for Dave 6
feqhkc Mantle for Dave 11
mxjrxe Cj for Danny 7
bfgkcn CJ for Danny 7
srgbsd Optic for Brian 8
cufyiv Silver temp for eric 11
uixqgv Jordan for Jason 9
scalfr Bowman for Frank 7
idniff Main for James 7
haujyg Mini for James 7
wbndtg Pokémon for Eric 8
imlatz Albies for Marty 7
bhvcmu Frank mini 12
cvyzzu Mini Anthony 8
fklyhx Winners choice for Brian 8
kgiodb Patty for John’s 7
etqirt CJ s for James 7
gahknt Phil’s for Trey 7
sqjzew Mini Frank 9
zgtffw Silver for Justin 8
tchtsx Micro Frank 10
ziuuub Harris for Sam 7
xtduiu Tools for pop 5
jdkcej Rose for Logan 7
tcdduh Tool mini pop 7
ijemjr Top 6 for Aaron 9
hjpbut Harris for Lee 8
qdtfrh Pokémon for Eric 11
mvnfci Lot for Eric 7
mspoal Optic for FSp 7
ilixke Wemby for John’s 12
skjyca Flash Julio for Dave and Beth 9
ylwyve Rhino for Kevin 9
odrzxz Acuna for Nick 10
fozmgv Winners choice for pop 7
xivvgf Box for Tanner 13
qztcmn Filler 2 for Pop 17
mpqrwc Mini 2 for James 7
neaqmy Optic for FSP 12
imygek Mini for James 8
gswfgb Absolute for Ryan 10
kkfqve Mini for Anthony 8
tyxmtn Mini for Tanner 8
txdyko Murph for Lee 9
sgbafw Busch for Maldonado 11
rtpzok Levi’s for Mark 11
ucmlhm Ratchet for Pop 9
hlihyg Bird Johns 7
jyfrjq Junior 7
zgfxcp Bowman Frank 7
cesvct Optic for Anthony 7
pskwtv Flash for Chris 7
lgczap Winners choice guy or Brian 9
zhuadc Absolute for Ryan 8
xvjhfy Alverez for Junior 10
ogkiva Mini Frank 9
ncxvgm Winners choice for Brian 10
rsbsxz Char for Davy 8
kudyxh Select for Gabriel 7
cpnjux Absolute for Ryan 7
sbkvso Big Mac for Zack 9
iwzsde Winner choice for Brian 8
gnrvcw Mini for Anthony 7
hqkcbc Volpe for Dave 7
skryhg Pika for Davy 11
upixxc Bedard for John’s 9
iapajl Flash for John’s 8
fwqsui Teams for Aaron 5
fiiwdj Lot for Sam 10
qrnaav Harris for Lee 8
anfobo Mini for Frank 7
qfxfrk Disney for Casey 10
pmkbsm Lot for Sam 7
eylgcp Mini for casey 8
inrkgr Mini for Sam 10
gpayxi Harris for Lee 9
juesbs Chuck for Logan 9
zwqvwj Mini for Logan 10
vjobxh Harris for Lee 10
hfzshx Lot for Ashley 9
elorzh Teams for Aaron 10
pydwlm Evo for Anthony 8
nmxifd Pereira for jake 12
fdwuok Top 3 for Jake 7
afdzmx Bowman for William 10
bfpjno Albies for Marty 7
fxfzdt UV for Herbert 8
blsnok Acuna for Sam 10
sdstic Wemby for John’s 8
nrcycq Main for Don 7
zczhao Ohtani for Julie 8
hptryw Bowman for Frank 7
idfzrh Heritage for Brandon 12
lfmmfv Bowman for Frank 9
vtvrix Acuna for Sam 10
rgecrv Walker for peace 10
mxoycz Morel for Sebastian 9
omhmcq Olson for Ashley 9
djjofl Mini for Frank 12
fmiayh Marvel for Ken 8
jbqxpr Home good for Pop 7
wvrdyw Silver for Anthony 7
whacvs Silver for Anthony 7 not completed
oodavw Burrow for Trent 7
ozndzp Mini for Anthony 7
alyqvi Mini for Frank 10
wqknll Mini for Frank 9
fspulj Jonas for John’s 7
pxqayq Mini for Dave 12
mdkopr Speaker for Pop 9
uzbogt Flash for Alan 12
tlbfzt Select for FSP 7
frjyjf Select for FSP 8 not completed
kavhzp Main for Jonathan 6
fkqeby Photo for Chris 5
slyhxb Mini for Jonathan 9
arqazh Bedard for Johns 7
bpdyic Acuna mini for Jonathan 7
dturjq Puka for John’s 8
ojpdat Peanuts for Pop 7
tmaovl Tools for Pop 7
pbckmv Tools for Pop 3 not completed
xpuaph Wemby for Logan 11
huczml Chips for Pop 9
sidpoa Harris for Sam 9
heedyl Chip mini for Pop 9
wrokbu Dual main for Nick 7
xcfwcl Select for Frank 9
emqmwb Burrow for Trent 8
jogqej ShaeFor Danny 10
ojbuwb H2H run back for Tony 7
qawalz Harris for Marty 7
nficcz H2H for Tony 7
xblqpv Wemby for Logan 9
jnedsd Dual mini for Nick 8
gxatis Albies for Marty 8
iiutnh Adley for Sebastian 11
vnrecq Harris for Marty 6
favlsc Montana for Sam 8
hzkfif Mini for Anthony 8
qefrrq Teams for Aaron 7
xbnntm Winners choice for Brian 12
lcfnvx Char for Davy 9
jgedyk Clouds for Pop 10
ujebsv Walker for Sebastian 10
xyuihy Beard for Will 8
axsojh Strider for Scott 10
tosmdz Illusions for Gabriel 7
ttzznz Strider mini for Scott 7
pndxwu Riley for cory 9
nkuygi Light mini for Pop 5
etoiuc Harris for Herbert 10
jtjixa Strider for andy 8
canmbx Mini for Anthony 10
preiya Candy for Pop 10
skkzww Mini for Pop 10
whnkwe Luka for John’s 8
iosoab Freddie for Sam 8
lgnvhc Strider for Brandon 5
pktmcz Teams for Aaron 8
xsetsd Mattress pad for Pop 7
onkkxg Mini for Scott 12
oljmal Stroud for Jason 10
bnvsci Harris for Lee 9
bgzetm Julio for Maldonado 9
xvvbab Boosters for Eric 9
bkkjak Steph for John’s 7
sfzwth Harris for Sebastian 12
lgzopz Mini for Anthony 7
owcenj Riley for Nick 8
awomoe Alverez for Bobby 8
pwseyv Illusions for Gabriel 7
eocajf Cable box for Tanner 10
znkhup Mini for pop 7
fkkgnl Pokémon for James 9
mxuafi QBs for James 7
wrqgln Washer for Pop 7
gvntjg Illusions for Gabriel 7
bgmqij Harris for Andy 12
pfemvz Winners choice for Brian 7
vkcxsz Wrench for Pop 7
sgpynd Winners choice for Brian 7
zkwazh Heston for Logan 7
xbwvbr Char for James 11

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —