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Giveaways by Risky Business (134)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Central time)
tljixw 2//21//19//G2 from Gregg H 5
vcluyn 2//21//19//G1 from RK 5
sekvas 2-19-19-G5 from Dave S 5
ofghih 2-19-19-G4 from Henry B 5
lofwfg 2-19-19-G3 from JGB 5
sajxig 2-19-19-G2 From Henry Be 5
svqhtw 2-19-19-G1 from Ryan Stu 5
embprr 2-18-19-G7 from Seth G 5
oirbkb 2-18-19-G6 from RK 5
kwtutz 2-18-19-G5 from RK 5
mlurbk 2-18-19-G4 from Jason Sm 5
kmxnuu 2-18-19-G3 from Frederick S 5
ldzuzj 2-18-19-G2 from RK 5
fjvupp 2-18-19-G1 from Buck F 5
oammeu 2-16-19-G2 Freebie for NOFA Fundraiser - thanks TW and RK 5
yafant No One Fights Alone hosted by Drew C 5
zxdzlj 2-16-19-G1 from Greg O 5
ggcoer 2-15-19-G6 from Brent M 5
pzpogn 2-15-19-G5 from Lou R 5
vchhgq 2-15-19-G4 from Matt St 5
mduedz 2-15-19-G3 from Seth G 5
jmthpe 2-15-19-G2 from Greg O 5
hspyiv 2-15-19-G1 from Greg O 5
rvszua 2-14-19-G2 from Justin M 5
iwqxaj 2-14-19-G1 from Brent M 5
lorblg 2-13-19-G2 from Greg O 5
cuplyy 2-13-19-G1 from RK 5
qnbqjx 2-12-19-G6 from JGB 5
ytesru 2-12-19-G5 from Patrick St 5
sfmnqz 2-12-19-G4 from Brent H 5
otkjin 2-12-19-G3 from DTD 5
yshdtn 2-12-19-G2 from Eric J 5
xpcrjp 2-12-19-G1 from Ryan B 5
kkxyhn 2-11-19-G4 from Jamie C 5
boqwfn 2-11-19-G3 RSR from Brent C 5
cfbwwt 2-11-19-G2 from Ryan B 5
dckreg 2-11-19-G1 from Drew C 5
shigad 2-10-19-G6 from Patrick S 5
kvpcfd 2-10-19-G5 from JGB 5
gflotx 2-10-19-G4 from JGB 5
dczzby 2-10-19-G3 from JGB 5
eptoxy 2-10-19-G2 from MJM 5
eqkjcv 2-10-19-G1 from Ryan B 5
ygvepj 2-9-19-G7 from Ryan S 5
rimsad 2-9-19-G6 from Alex E 5
rtgzes 2-9-19-G5 from Randall K 5
gyxalq 2-9-19-G4 from Randall K 5
tjopds 2-9-19-G3 from Alex E 5
emlypo 2-9-19-G2 from Ryan L 5
hzzfbz 2-9-19-G1 from Curt Ha 5
eoekqa 2-8-19-G2 from Buck 5
isenee 2-8-19-G1 from Randall 5
knzbma 2-7-19-G9 from Bryant G 5
bxxvpz 2-7-19-G8 from JLO 5
lynfpq 2-7-19-G7 from Bryant G 5
nwvfji 2-7-19-G6 from Ryan B 5
lcelqo 2-7-19-G5 SAT #1 from Ryan B 5
mtpbph 2-7-19-G4 from Bryant G 5
yobjkx 2-7-19-G3 from Brent Ha 5
xomsxn 2-7-19-G2 from JLO 5
nhdywi 2-7-19-G1 from Jay G 5
hpjpit 2-6-19-G7 from JLO 5
hezljy 2-6-19-G6 from Randall 5
tjxsyp 2-6-19-G5 from Randall 5
wyevzj 2-6-19-G4 from Randall 5
fiflxk 2-6-19-G3 SAT1 for 2 in Main Woodsman Game from Alex E 5
qindfv 2-6-19-G2 from Randall 5
mscykx 2-6-19-G1 from Steve St 5
ymdqey 2-4-19-G3 from Randall K 5
yxaupy 2-4-19-G2 from Bryant G 5
yisofe 2-4-19-G1 from Bryant G 5
wrcvue 2-3-19-G8 from Jeff G 5
rlazan 2-3-19-G7 from Randall 5
rxefah 2-3-19-G6 from BJM 5
vkevyu 2-3-19-G5 from Steve H 5
yfjtqd 2-3-19-G4 from Ryan B 5
lpwaig 2-3-19-G3 from RK 5
bvftsa 2-3-19-G2 from Patrick St 5
rtixkm 2-3-19-G1 from RK 5
seqkks 2-2-19-G7 from Justin M 5
mwfeep 2-2-19-G6 from Christopher W 5
xmanur 2-2-19-G5 from Kevin P 5
edyflc 2-2-19-G4 from Justin M 5
jaelfy 2-2-19-G3 from MJM 5
kexcvv 2-2-19-G2 from Seth G 5
vcpgrf 2-2-19-G1 from Ryan B 5
awglnx 2-1-19-G1 from JGB 5
libscw 1-31-19-G8 from Justin M 5
gjujqt 1-31-19-G7 from Greg O 5
sxsair 1-31-19-G6 from Steven Ta 5
ndrfdk 1-31-19-G5 from Michael K 5
dhxjyn 1-31-19-G4 from Ryan B 5
wxicox 1-31-19-G3 from Brent C 5
uokxoh 1-31-19-G2 from JGB 5
twjyrm 1-31-19-G1 from JGB 5
hggaha 1-30-19-G1 from Randall 5
fzogck 1-29-19-G4 from JGB 5
dkafei 1-29-19-G3 from Alex 5
hjvyjz 1-29-19-G2 from Randall 5
tkngoq 1-29-19-G1 from Randall 5
jjpevr 1-28-19-G5 from Arthur B 5
evcblh 1-28-19-G4 from Randall 5
jeyrqd 1-28-19-G3 from Ben A 5
jfyoov 1-28-19-G2 from Patrick H 5
etagqx 1-28-19-G1 from Greg O 5
mwhyqc 1-27-19-G6 from Bryant G 5
hxuurk 1-27-19-G5 from Randall 5
ozadam 1-27-19-G4 from Greg O 5
lmujkd 1-27-19-G3 from DTD 5
bpbmvc 1-27-19-G2 from Jonathan S 5
gtqdla 1-27-19-G1 from Bryant G 5
ubtsgp 1-26-19-G10 from Bryant G 5
zpefzs 1-26-19-G9 from Rishi 5
cdidpv 1-26-19-G8 from Rishi 5
egexia 1-26-19-G7 from Zeke 5
tbqfce 1-26-19-G6 from Will F 5
pnzjee 1-26-19-G5 from Patrick F 5
uvttlp 1-26-19-G4 from Jeremy L 5
ltroda 1-26-19-G3 from Kevin P 5
sgmeja 1-26-19-G2 from MJM 5
eazugk 1-26-19-G1 from Bryant G 5
ombstq 1-25-19-G4 from Bryant G 5
tpkgiu 1-25-19-G3 from Ashton B 5
zvuliz 1-25-19-G2 from MJM 5
vnsxmm 1-25-19-G1 from Ashton B 5
buqfkl 1-23-19-G6 from Randall 5
akgnyb 1-23-19-G5 from Randall 5
umwbel 1-23-19-G4 from Randall 5
tvtivo 1-23-19-G3 from Patrick F 5
ayqwin 1-23-19-G2 from Patrick F 5
yzoqvq 1-23-19-G1 Fundraiser hosted by Quintin 5
yfxtfe 1-22-19-G3 from Curt H 5
dxiqsi 1-22-19-G2 from Rishi 5
qagsjl 1-22-19-G1 from JGB 5

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —