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Giveaways by Everyday Waffles (52)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Eastern time)
jajyth Stitch tactical Main 4
txlomc Free spots tactical Stitch 7
gfcxft Main warhound or hellhound 12
kjhulu Free spots Warhound Ct 5
dsjjzo Ct warhound mini 2 3
mgastr Ct warhound mini 1 7
ngjygz Clonetrooper / Sandtrooper main 9
srgdhh Free spots clonetrooper 7
beyrji Msi Ramlok Main 9
kwcbfd Msi freebies 6
wfxqba Ludt ball bearings Main 3
wroruj DLC Hellhound Combat Troodon 7
mvdswk Ludt free spots 9
vbnhwt Msi Ramlok Tan 10
piuych Free spot dlc hh ct 10
cundgz Free spots msi tan 5
uamhit Main Daytona green bubble 10
nkauvh Free spots for Daytona green 10
kafjmq Stitch main fully serrated 9
icyvhh Scottsdale 10oz stacker 7
jhnnnb Scottsdale freebies 7
btzutx Combat Troodon Hellhound Bounty Hunter 11
pbjnbp Bounty Hunter combat troodon mini 3 6
bdtdop Combat troodon bh Mini 4 9
kavydm Combat troodon bh mini 2 8
kopiiw Mini 1 bounty hunter combat troodon 8
twfgpq Kyroh shot glass Main 7
nyqtgt Stitch serrated free spots 4
hphimd Kyroh freespots 4
qdhdoa Mega mini 8
pmgdyg Daytona Bubble Green Main 6
jcfhkw Daytona green free spots 11
kbrsvd Makora green bubble main 6
shjigx Makora bubble green freebies 9
iaufsb Clonetrooper main 10
ijuudo Clonetrooper Ultratech Free spots 6
cauxpa Jedi master Main 6
qlptti Jedi master free spots 8
fnzzbs Msi main 6
lwcjgp Main natural stitch 7
samisb Free spots msi 5
dvxvwt Giveaway 8
qawdvg Natural stitch Free spots 4
zhqprj Ultratech Clonetrooper Main 3
qkplrx Clonetrooper Ultratech Free spots 5
aswlcs Halloween Main 8
fqzvna Pumpkin Free spots 7
fxnqqp Clone trooper/Halloween main 9
pekkxo Hellhound razor CT main 8
xxnqjh Hellhound combat troodon razor mini 2 7
djnzcy Free spots clonetrooper/halloween 3
wzajan Combat troodon razor mini 3 10

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —