Verification Failed for Giveaway Code ‘sffrxa’


There is no giveaway that matches this verification code.

What does this mean?

It means we do not have a record of a giveaway with this code taking place within the last month. There are three possible reasons:

1. The code is incorrect

There could be a typo in the code as you entered it.

2. The code is old

If the code is older than one month, it will have expired and can no longer be looked up.

3. The code is fake

The code could be fabricated by someone pretending to use our service but in reality using a rigged lookalike.

What should you do?

Start by checking that you indeed have the correct verification code. It may have been posted in your community or be visible in a screen recording of the giveaway.

Next, check that the giveaway was indeed run within the last month. If it is older than a month, then that explains why you're seeing this message. If you want to verify a giveaway that is older than a month, please get in touch.

If you believe the code is fake, you should contact the person running the giveaway and ask them to explain. You could also consult with your community to cross-reference the code with other participants. You are of course also welcome to contact us with further information and we'll try to help.