Giveaways by Wesley (92)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(America/Toronto time)
zbdenh Eloy true gem refractor for Wyatt, Valhalla 6
dettno Haseley dime lot for Matt, Valhalla 12
hqerla Bowman Hobby Case for Matt, Valhalla 8
oxzrxy Bellinger True 💎 for Kyle, Valhalla 12
mdcbhk Eloy Base Gem 9 Center for J, Valhalla 8
psnavh Lindor True Gem for Ryan, Valhalla 10
ruihvj 2018 Red McKay Auto 3/5 for Sam, Valhalla 7
mmyjmt 2015 Topps high Tek Baez auto /99 Bgs 10 5
ctyyte Kirilloff PSA 10 for Kyle, Valhalla 8
tfjull Royce Lewis 💎 for Kyle, Valhalla 10
ljaoyb 2018 Bowman Chrome HTA and Hobby Case, WTA for Kissel, Valhalla 7
slrgds Green Eloy Gem! for Kissel, Valhalla 10
jksmmv Mini for final 2 spots in Green Eloy Gem for AJ, Valhalla 6
yvixbz Mini for 5 spots in Eloy Green Gem for AJ, Valhalla 10
hplanl Haseley Refractor Auto PSA 10 for Jonathan, Valhalla 11
hquspo Vlad Jr Base Gem Main, Valhalla 6
kptopn Vlad Jr Base Gem, Valhalla 7
yisulv Chucks mini to fill Soto refractor, Valhalla 6
arshac Mini #2 Lindor orange for JE, Valhalla 8
niilwe Sunday funday New in box New nintendo 3ds for Will, Valhalla 11
dcwzaq Choice of Vlad Jr Autos for Tyler, CSC 6
hepolt YERZY GOLD AUTO /50 💥for Jim, Valhalla 8
veslkw Pratto Blue for Jonathan, Valhalla 10
autaxp Mini #2 for 40 Spots in Top 9 Mega!! for Kissel, Valhalla 10
ipjcsp Hays Ref DIME for Macy Rob, Valhalla 10
qetxhl Devers Base Gem for Justin, Valhalla 8
qohnwb Sean Murphy Gold auto /50 for Kyle, Tier 1 8
aiacia Tattis Tattas for Macy Rob, Valhalla 7
pnjqkh Vlad Jr Base Gem for Mikey, Valhalla 12
vmyktm Vlad Jr Mini for Mikey 2-2-1, Valhalla 7
tejyjb RAZZ: 2018 Topps Chrome Andujar for Kyle, CSC 5
lwkbvm Gleyber Torres Bowman Chrome Blue Refractor BGS 9.5 (true gem) for Nick, Valhalla 8
uwvpdu Beck Green dime 10/10 for Grant, Tier 1 5
bgtqjb Corey Ray Blue PSA 10 for AC, Valhalla 6
fpxfyg Vlad Jr Base Gem for Mikey, Valhalla 7
xmccxt Armenteros and Gavin sheets gem lot for Raynaldo, Valhalla 10
qnncpv Vlad Mini for Mikey, Valhalla 9
ligooo Pache Gem for AJ, Valhalla 9
zfytku Vlad Base Mini for Mikey, Valhalla 7
shfczj Bo Bichette green 💎 6
kjaokd Bo Bichette Green Mini 1 11
uemrbo Alex Bregman - 2016 Bowman Chrome Auto - Base - 1st Gem Mint - BGS 9.5 for Tyler, CSC 8
mqrjpk Bryant 2014 Bowman True Gem +for Natalie, Tier one mojo 5
gfdudn 🔥🔥Smoak Trout🔥🔥 and Jays (Gurriel too) for JG, CSC 10
kjikpm Mini #2 for Smoak'd Trout and Jays Razz for JG, CSC 8
ngfsgn Jets in Elements Case Break for Chad, BrewBreaks 7
qlmgdt Hiura True Gem for Brandon, Valhalla 5
uxjtkv Tatis Jr. Base Auto for Justin, Valhalla 7
nyzptw Top 2 for Elements Case Break for Chad 10
asikzp Filler 4 for Michael Hunter 10
lsebmd For Michael Hunter 12 not completed
vpfqvg Mitchell rising stars redemption for Steven, Valhalla 12
jspaed Mini #1 for Smoak'd Trout and Jays Razz for JG, CSC 12
rsxqnj OHTANI optic base Auto for Isaac, Valhalla 8
tqdpeq Benny Base Gem for Kissel, Valhalla 8
ghiyyu Gleyber true plus for Macy Rob 8
rkwtpb Tatis/Bichette Blue Mega Valhalla 8
llllzs Cleveland Premium Dugout Ticket for Chad, GS 10
vuuqgo Khalil Lee /499 Gem for Kissel Valhalla 7
zdmyte Top 2 Winner for Nelson Wang - Gurriel Jr. BC Autos 7
cbhvof Razz - Top 3 Win for Tyler Pretto 10
mntmlv Cash Razz, Trevor YGs 8
tmrzyo Top 2 Winner for Jonathan Jacques - Hoskins Auto & Ohtani Finest RC 7
pdazsu Giveaway for Tyler Pretto 10
egpkra Test For Nelly 10
gycixe 1990-91 Stanley Cup Hologram Main for Keith, YG 8
vvgxer Stanley Cup Hologram Final Mini for Keith, YG 9
rhaawp 2018 Topps ‘83 Rhys Hoskins autograph - hard signed - non numbered for Kyle, CSC 6
bmylom Stanley Cup Hologram Mini 1 for Keith, YG 6
msgumi 🏒Wayne Gretzky Rookie OPC First Print 🥅for Noel, GS 9
pwkxnk Blue Soto for Eric, GS 6
bsgeqv 🏒Wayne Gretzky Rookie OPC First Print 🥅Mini 2 for Noel, GS 8
aozvus 🏒Wayne Gretzky Rookie OPC First Print 🥅Mini for Noel, GS 7
izgvjr Vlad Jr. Bowman chrome orange refractor /25 for Carl, CSC 6
ppkfxp Vlad Orange Mini 2 for Carl, CSC 8
oragvu Vlad Orange Mini 6
khwcwi Lewis 70th Mino for J 7
dtosow Wayne Gretzky Rookie BVG 6.5 Mini for Noel, YG 5
yokdcw McDavid YG for Steve, YG 3
enpztx Royce Lewis Black Main 9
rblkmr McDavid YG Mini for Steve, YG 3
cbcise Royce Lewis Black Mini 8
efhbhq Soto base 💎 for J 6
fkmsvn Soto Mini for J 6
djxnca Trout Then and Now 10
wvuxxb 2012 Harper SP RC for Jeremy, CSC 8
zdvzsr Royce Lewis Gem Rd. 2 for Jeff 8
egtwjr Kirilloff PSA 10 - Round 2 for Roby 7
ccnmrp Vlad Purple Gems - Top 2, GS 8
zasdex Mini for 5 in Green Benny for AJ 6
lleugd Trammel base 💎 10 center for Ehler 10
vcsncr Purple Vlad Mini, 2-1-1, GS 5