Giveaways by Alejandro Pomareda (35)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(UTC time)
zpwayq Free Hat for Opening weekend pics 2 hats... 1st and Last Place 7
ynjerf Tanglefree Optifade Floating Gun Case 10
xmtiiu Freebie Tanglefree Decoy Gloves in Max-5 camo. 10
ytkbni Wigeons 6
stzlfh Part2 8
apezkt Mini to close main. 5 spots up for grabs. 5
phskpm Tanglefree Puddle Stool Razz 11
oaxbsn Tanglefree Opitfade Floating Gun Case 8
hadsoz Flock-a-Flicker.. Gadwall Mojo Floating Avery Blind/Decoy bag .. Higdon Buffleheads 9
datioa Hand painted turkey feather of a gorgeous wood duck 6
fnjarh Free bag 5
vmsntx MoMarsh Invisilab 9
kmvuyr ANYTHING Tanglefree Razz!!!! 8
fdfzew 6 Tanglefree Pro Series BWT or GWT Winner Picks 9
dpbnjd ANYTHING Drake Waterfowl Razz!!!! 5
ksyguy Beast of all Duck Hunting HeadLamps(THIS IS A FLOOD LIGHT YALL) 6
nlrtrw Woody Razz 8
xzcxzf CHANGE IN RAZZ Anything Tanglefree UP TO $300 5
wjzzqo Freebieeeeeee 12 Tanglefree 4 oz EZ Rig System 5 ft & FDH Stickers 8
medvrz Friday morning Razz we have a 6pc 8
jhfpxr ANYTHING Tanglefree Razz 11
mriebd Winners Choice Razz 5
aykina Mississippi Guided Duck Hunt 6
jmtpth AVIAN X Wigeon or PinTail Razz 9
ldsevk Winners Choice Full Body Mallard Razz 7
jvwrvh Up for Razz is a Victory Lures high speed wahoo lure! 6
volsyk Tanglefree Pro Series Northern Shoveler 8
xjdxae Mini Duck Hunt 6
zsqsou QS Gear 7
xrnkmx AVIAN-X BlueWing, or GreenWing teal 7
bnqxqz 12k Lumen HeadLamp with The charging port 7
nmkbqy Brand New 6k Lumen Headlamp. With Motion sensor..and universal USB charger... 8
kvgsav Winner gets their choice of 1 of the following AvianX Decoys AP 7

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —