Giveaways by Alejandro Pomareda (106)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(UTC time)
oyypuy Tanglefree Blind Grass 4'X5' Knotted Sheets 4-Pack 2 5
wrdtok Mini Razz on Blind Grass 11
fhbtws Mojo GreenWing Teal.... comes with a 3 piece support pole 9
afvany Mud River insulated kennel cover DD 6
oyhtwe 12 Pack Hardcore Mallards .. 6 Drakes 6 Hens... 8
quxvli Pro Series Wood Duck Decoy 5
xpcvmi Mallard Training Bumper Upland Vest Adjustable Water/ Food Bowl Decoy Bag 6
wmoeyh Quackskins Hoodie... Keep warm when its cold 6
cvwdtw Woody Razz! 7
rhlvgl Elite Series MOJO Razz 6
tgcmom Tanglefree Decoy Gloves with Decoy Bag 5
wdsihn 5 flocked coots 5 rigs . 8
lfwujd Quackskins Gear 7
rieedt Razz is a pair of HD Lucky Duck spinners with remotes 2 9
kvjkpe 6 pack of Tanglefree's Flight Series Redhead decoys 2 12
dcbxos Tanglefree Coot 5
bwsgwg 6 pack of Tanglefree's Flight Series Redhead decoys 5
ehngcz Tanglefree Flight Flocked Pintail decoys Razz 7
rjtxhf 6 Flight Green Wing Teal 8
ztxkwj Quackskins Gear Razz... shirt, buff, hat, and Decoy bag 9
eordlc Up for Razz is your choice between either a Mud River or Hard Core insulated kennel cover in the size of your choice 9
cadpxm Mini Razz on GWT 7
kjcogj San Andreas Slayer Single Reed Call 5
ievkcm Mojo Elite GWT 7
nrxugy Ruff Tough Kennels Water Dish 2 9
qenyjx D.T. Systems Super Pro Remote Controlled Dummy Launcher DD 9
qwgnir Ruff Tuff 6
kralhy Higdon Outdoors Foam Filled Bluebill decoys 2 8
awwknk 6 flocked coots 6 rigs Big Carabiner 9
zdcmsd Strap Weight Wednesday 12 each 4 Oz 49 Inch length..#400 Black Polymer line Stainless snap swivel. OverSized Carabiner 11
jnnfzf MOJO Green Wing Teal razz 7
aufjkm Tanglefree Puddle Stool 3 JL 9
oviluz Coots 8
pxptlg MOJO Green Wing Teal razz AP 5
gkkaoj 6 pack of Tanglefree's Fight Series Canvasback decoys 9
luwusi 2 Winners on this razz and you pick from 3 Camo Patterns 5
fdubgs 6 flocked coots 6 strap weight rigs..decal and a SawTail Buff 5
dretet Mini Razz for Tanglefree Dog Vest 10
wcqiwu Winner Choice on Tanglefree Full Body Goose 7
fsvrju Mini Razz on Winner Pick the Goose 11
wexmcs Mini Razz on Cans & Reds 9
rfjonj Tanglefree Wood Duck Razz 6
lsjxww Wood Duck Mini Razz 7
ktbnre Labor RAINY Day Green Wing Teal razz NEW in Box. 7
ozpqdx BACK AGAIN CAUSE I was asked to.. 6 Avian X FUSION Series BlueWing Teal... and a set of 6 QuackRigs.... with Large Carabiner 12
hxnrbh 6 TangleFree ProSeries Coots 6 QuackRigs Quackskins SawTail Buff 9
dknsxg USED (perfect working order and clean too)- Daiwa Tanacom Bull 1000 11
nofwzg 6pc Vertical Jig Kit by Victory Lures 6
zfjnkn Dbl Butts 10
vptysw Butt Mini Mini Butt 10
rpeoru Drake 1/4 zip 9
zipnmz 6 Avian X FUSION Series BlueWing Teal. 9
bjkbmo 6 pack of Tanglefree Flight Flocked Pintail decoys & 12 Texas Rigs 5ft with 4oz weights 7
zppigz Pro Series Canada Goose Feeder Canada Goose Feeder (Butt) 6
vvawac Tanglefree Puddle Stool JL 5
radwtd Tanglefree Ringer Razz with 12 4oz Rigs 5 ft long 12
oijeeq Black Ducks TF 9
hiyfgl 5 Flocked Coots...w/ Holographic Eyes. and 5 rubber coated Texas rigs 7
tdadah Tanglefree Refuge Blind Bag!! PP 10
ytrglv You Pick Razz TWO WINNERS (please understand 1 and 2nd place only get on item) 5
vqvjay Coots and NASA inspired Rigs 8
mekdig Ruff Tough Kennels Water Dish 7
hjrahe Drake Deluxe Adjustable Kennel Cover 8
vqedcw Tanglefree Puddle Stool 2 6
sbuwaq Custom Whistle Calls by Piney Creek Game Calls!!!! This is a WINNER's Choice 8
ufbyqt 4 Pack Tanglefree Goose Flocked Heads 10
yliszq Tanglefree’s Pro Series Gadwall or Wood Duck 6
ybewhg TangleFree Winners Choice Razz Reds or Cans 9
zninsc Mini Razz on Custom Whistle Call 5
xxmmia TangleFree Little Buddy Dog Blind 7
qqpuin GHG Pro Grade Ringers 9
vkovrf Joseph Lyon Moderator · 18 hrs Tranglefree Dead Bird GWT with a custom Ash Wood Whistle call 7
rxxuqc freebie PAIN IN THE A$$ FRIDAY 7
liifab You Pick Tanglefree Razz 3 6
jjbgsj flocka flickas 6
paoxdk You Pick Tanglefree Razz 2 7
xhugws Tranglefree Dead Bird Mallard with a custom Burnt Hedge Whistle call 10
hhsvkl TangleFree Wood Duck weighted keel 9
jtudyb You Pick Tanglefree Razz 5
gftwsd 6 pack of Tanglefree's Flight Series Canvasback 8
sirpzs Tanglefree Blind Grass 4'X5' Knotted Sheets 4-Pack 6
pnxgtg Avet LX G2 6.0:1 Sailfish Series 10
viwsqd Mini for the black Avet LX 6.0 G2 6
pjtxsd Mini for the Krystal XL-75 and Crowder Rod Deep Drop Combo 6
tnpuit Mississippi Guided Duck Hunt 2 10
kawwjk Mini Razz 2 on Guided Duck Hunt 9
zzfjyz Drake Waterfowl Complete Dog Training Bumpers 5
lmwmdb Tanglefree Flight Flocked Pintail decoys 6
hbwaxz JD razz 8
tihmje Tanglefree Puddle Stool 7
jpvfxn Tanglefree Migration Edition Ringneck Size 6
rsujkx 6 Oz rigs 10
lurece JL Audio M880 8.8" marine speakers (White w/ "Sport" grille) (edited) JL Audio M10IB5-SG 10" marine subwoofer (White w/ "Sport" grille) 9
cpasbv DT systems dummy launcher and one white bumper. 9
kiglbv DT systems dummy launcher and one white bumper. 7 not completed
zbmsge Work sharp knife and tool sharpener 6
ivsiqh Flat black real call double reed duck call 7
kvewvp Gunsmoke Double Reed duck call 8
bhnllu Mud River Kennel Pad 11
zsqiis Higdon Outdoors Foam Filled Bluebill decoys 10
nltgvn Coon Creek Winners Choice Razz 6
bxlvmv Decoy Flockers Coots and rigs 9