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Giveaways by Jeremy Whitfield (25)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Central time)
kurwhn One hobby box of 2017 Star Wars High Tek 5
zrbpfb Fills the Finest Case 4 for tonight! Top 4 draft Braves Dodgers Mets Marlins 5
zurhmd Filler for Finest Case 4 Top 6 draft from Angels, DBacks Brewers giants and Mariners and As 8
zekpaj Filler for Luminance football Case 1 - this stuff looks awesome! Top 5 draft Steelers Raiders Titans and redskins and Jaguars 7
vugrii Filler for Finest Case 3 Top 5 draft! Yankees, Giants, Mariners, Rockies/Tigers, and Rays/Jays 10
sfekfg Filler for Finest Case 3 Too 5 draft Braves As White Sox Brewers Diamondbacks 8
ittbhj One box of Pro Debut Shipped 6
toxsql LAST BOX OF Tier One I Have! 10
lrezhu 1 box of Leaf Ultimate Draft Football 5
meghfz Bowman Mixer #4 random team assignment (names randomed only) 11
orrtka Filler for Essentials Basketball Top 5 draft from Lakers Pistons Grizzlies Pelicans and Warriors (adding Raptors Wizards and Panini Points as spots) 8 total winners 6
pytxas Filler #3 for Bowman Mixer #4 Top 5 get a spot for a random team 8
fjxeiz Filler #2 for Bowman Mixer #4 Top 5 get spots in main for random teams 11
eqtcbk 2018 Pro Debut 1 Hobby Box 7
ajadmr Filler for Bowman Mixer with 7 mega boxes, 1 Bowman Draft super jumbo , 1 Tier One Hobby Box 1 Bowman Hobby Box and 3 Auto onyx balls Top 5 get a random team! 5
fjphiz 1 (one) box of pro debut shipped 11
gaonvx 1 (ONE) Pro Debut Hobby Box 8
pkeqne Filler for Dominion Case 3 Warriors Mavericks Pistons Nuggets Hawks 6
qjowzx Mini Break Filler for Tier One Case 5 Top five draft from dodgers White Sox rays jays pirates 10
pmrxbm Skunk Random $25 credit to first: 7
gksndp Bowman Mixed #3 This time with Tier One and Onyx balls! 12
lircmz Final Filler for 2 spots in the Dominion Random Teams Case #1 Top 2 get a spot each 7
qmyghb One Jumbo Series one box (3 hits) with two silver packs 11
lriori Filler for NT football TOP 6!! Top 6 draft from Saints Panthers Eagles Jets and Ravens and redskins! 9
ounfps 4 Bowman Mega Boxes Winner take all 10