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Giveaways by TheSportsCardMarket (52)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Central time)
oflxpa Noir AD Auto /25 10
hapygn Cornertones KAT for Jordan 10
vcvodw Pack Order List Pack Wars #3 18-19 Optic 9
lbwbrq All Decade Vince Carter Auto Main 10
zcwadg Mini VC All Decade Auto 8
eteppb Immaculate Penny Auto MAINN 5
ynylcj Mini Immaculate Penny Auto 8
ltkcok Dennis Rodman Immac Auto 10
bxlnrb Anthony Davis Die Cut Auto for Jordan 7
dfgdlp KAT BGS 9.5 Auto Main 11
clhyma KAT BGS 9.5 Auto MINI! 9
ygjpsd Penny Ultimate Collection BGS 9 Auto 7
tjpksf Names Randomized 5 optic Blaster Break 7
jmrodj Teams Randomized 5 Optic Blasters 5
sopivy Anthony Davis Limited Auto 10
cxhkik Revolution Box 8
sqreua Kobe for Justin 7
mcwtey Jordans Lot 7
khuleo Embiid For Justin 11
kfizzk Bird Contenders Auto for Justin 9
bmytax John Wall Noir For Justin 7
zaebbf Magic Mosaic Auto /99 7
ugjamj Immaculate Penny Auto /25 for Justin 9
ujorzq Malone & Stockton Dominators Autos 7
xebmhm Magic Johnson Auto Signature Series 5
jtrxpe Main for Crown Royale Box 11
higrrq Mini for Crown Royale Box 6
trmyjf Opulence AD for Jordan S. 8
hfjqvk Hill Cornerstones for Bill 7
gljcrq Lebron AD Quad Booklet 6
cvfdtu Pack Wars #2 Random Names 6
nggoxp Crown Royale Box 8
utmmej Random Name List 7
uxxlgp 400 Points Frm Prizm Break 10
scslgy Malone Lot Auto Patch Main 9
rjjcgv Name Randomization for 3x Prizm Break 7
fdkulf Team Randomizaion for 3 box Prizm Break 7
ocenlk Mini for Malone Lot 8
fdxzan Random Mini for 3xPrizm boxes 10
nqpqie AD PRizm Auto! 5
kiwokn Name Randomization on 2x Crown Box Break 10
kkjjnw NBA Team Randomization 2x Crown Royale Box Break 7
opumpz Mini 2x Crown Royale Break 11
bryjtf Iverson Auto /35 MAIN 8
glkacw Mini A.I. Auto 9
iuuhjl AD Auto and Extra for Winston Lee 7
mdvrig Anthony Davis Prizm auto for Winston 8
mdbcyf NT Anthony Davis Auto and Patch 9
wgxjcq Random Teams for Optic FB and TC box mix 11
fsfggr Random Name Order for 3 box mixer 8
eihmdc 2018-19 Revolution Sealed Box 5
uwsoeu Nasty AD lot for Jordan S. 6

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —