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Giveaways by DreamLand (19)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Mountain time)
fyrwtu 🤑🥇🤑HIGH ROLLER 2K🤑🥇🤑DL007 8
uxzxck 🏆FLASH MATCH #4🏆DL022 6
netjis 🏆FLASH MATCH #3🏆DL021 9
ztwcyt 🏆FLASH MATCH #2🏆DL020 8
rucceo 🏆FLASH MATCH #1🏆DL019 5
gbezdm 💳Gimme Some Credit💳DL015 6
nmdten 🏆15k In it to win it!!🏆DL002R2 10
fmotro CLoser Filler🏆RND#2🏆DL002R2F 6
vnyvbk 🛡️COMBO MINI🛡️DL006 9
qnvheu Filler#2🛡️COMBO MINI🛡️ Draw Number - DL006F2 6
rrbmyg 🔒The Closer🔒DL013 7
ritdkr Filler Draw Number - DL013F1 4
lbyias 💳Gimme Some Credit💳DL014 8
pwcuul 🕹Arcade1Up 32" Infinity Game Table with HD Touchscreen -🕹 DL007 8
wvvgik 🤑🤑Combined Filler#4🤑🤑DL012 5
aduwci 🤑Closing Filler🤑☝️ Draw Number - DL012F 6
dapbci 🛸Skydio 2+ Sports Kit🛸DL003 8
nxtqtb 🤑🤑Combined Filler #2 🤑🤑 DL011 7
weyspv 🍻HAPPY HOUR🍻 11

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —