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Giveaways by Misty’s Waterpark (29)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Eastern time)
xrqdjb Mini to fill 14
cxcmqy Flareon v tin 15
zekaqq Fatal for three spots 15
jstwal DOB for 1 spot for Flareon tin 12
ykqtox DOB 2 spots Flareon tin 10
wjmnhs Mini for 2 by the real G 11
zoypad DOB 1 spot Jorge Game 10
nqmkud XY Evo Booster pack 11
tuozjm Black Kyurem MP 11
dqypdw November 1K push Giveaway 11
zscyda Yhh 11 not completed
xieool DOB 2 spots Kyurem 13
sblrtm Paradox ETB 14
jsjeyu Buk Tar tar 12
jlboff Odds against Evens M1 Psychic Lot 15
sjrast DOB for spot in Psychic lot 10
buzfto JAC’s LUGIA GX JP 11
sfjkdz Special Delivery Bidoof 12
wpvxdh DOB 13
tfxrvv Jac’s 3game giveaway 12
popngm Vintage JP Lot 10
egouis Dark Blastoise Japanese 17
tzczzs DOB 15
nhevwo Raymond’s Moltres lot Slab 13
eqinwp Tar tar 13
nxlbpp Mewtube RAW 12
jmyxvh Veteran’s Day Giveaway 14
rffxbt DOB for one 18
vzixsd Tag team Lot 14

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —