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Giveaways by Richard Gipperich (41)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(Canada/Pacific time)
dcnrzs Adriel H2H 12
cphidz Grant pikachu 14
vegaov Adriel es main 12
zcvzdv Adriel closing mini es 17
axouip Adriel main 7
mgzhfa Adriel mini 9
qeadoq Steven pick your prize 13
czfffp Steven pepper mini 12
axiwzr Steven Pepper mini 10
gwbgzy Steven ES main 11
msmbeu Steven mini ES 9
udqeix Adriel closing mini 15
ajedlw Joel ES packs round 2 6
aecsss Joel ES packs 13
tmjwtp Grant Gengar 15
ldrybn Adriel stream giveaway 10
klxhrs Remy main glaceon 12
ybbqyo Remy main glaceon 12 not completed
esiboh Rémy mini 2 10
vmqpxg Remy glaceon mini1 11
vmomng Steven pepper arceus 7
ebbkjr Steven Pepper freebie 9
gqyvng Steven Pepper 14
svbguu Grant H2H round 2 7
bctbdp Grant H2H 7
qnaizy Grant mystery 11
gowcvl Steven pepper Main 11
vlklrs Steven pepper H2H round 2 11
wetqsz Steven pepper H2H 17
sjvrye Joel main 8
caydhs Steven pepper pick your prize 15
znfkxx Adriel Mystery 11
vrmndu Grant Lugia main 10
edqjbj H2H grant 8
oatsmc Grant Lugia H2H 7
dftwge Steven pepper main 7
gmdcda Steven Pepper closing mini 9
qpsgyl Steven pepper mini giratina 13
rzkdjc Steven Pepper Micro to mini giratina 14
yrrdkf Adriel Radiant zard 7
bvdzvy Adriel and Levi H2H 3

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —