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Giveaways by GAS GORILLAS (35)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(Canada/Saskatchewan time)
jiixxb money bank 6
pxxdyw Money bank finale 10
axrhvl Tuesday Twist 6
dwzldi Money bank mini 4
ssjycz Friday Feels 10
vapyuz Five G Aces 7
ysmyqh Sunday 5k Blast 7
bqfluj Saturday Mix 3
bgomdv 5k Saturday Benji’s 4
qlbpuc Wild Wednesday 5k Double 6
evvnta Turn Up Tuesday 10
jvbbmz 5k Money Monday 7
mvagxa 5k Double Chance 10
hvgcld Sunday Funday 4
juzllh 5k Blitz 4
hykked 5k Kick Off 11
dnddnw Golden Three G’s 9
btdzjc 3k Finale 6
sgqxea Golden Mix 5
agwbpl Tuesday Triple 5
fjhayc Monday Toss Up 4
sehxlu Saturday Payday 9
vhtmat Saturday Payday 8
cfkbng Saturday Payday 9 not completed
xiqedf Spin Five 12
yqolkr Wheel Finale 5
giiskc Wheel Wrap Up 8
vrruxr Import Mini 8
zymhjf Wheel Blitz 7
jtqrxa 3k Double Chance 6
rnqlpy 3k Friday Mayhem 11
vusfss 3k Kick Off 8
shfbxg Christmas Extra 11
eggrow 2k Finale 10
vejyvl 2k Finish Line 8

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —