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Giveaways by Gerrys Blades (29)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(Canada/Mountain time)
unlunc November customer appreciation 8
zoqafw ninja woodfire or switch main 10
hvfcah Tote Bag main 10
whmfrb Tote bag mini 10
ehcibz gopro hero 10 combo 8
pasarg gopro final mini 7
mesjqm feather main 10
fmhuva feather mini 10
fmoxxq Leupold scope Main 10
idlnbz Leupold scope mini 12
zwfwjn Cowhide rug and cushions Main 15
yiaugz Cowhide Rug and cushions 9
yqxwzm 6 choice main 9
aoqjuj 6 choice mini 10
nuzkjn sexy winners choice main 5
davkpu sexy winners choice mini 6
nptrsf sexy 10
esnbxc rainbow trout main 6
hkolzz rainbow trout mini 10
brmlgn Buttstock Main 9
ekqsqu Buttstock Mini 10
fbrkwf ultralight main 7
vuaqjt ultralight mini 11
rbhmeq heated gloves main 12
krxdez Mammoth 9
elgxih Coyote mitts combo main 11
jjfgtr Coyote Mitts Combo mini 7
vlzaws wheeler glass mounting or choices main 13
mptasr letfovers 8

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —