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Giveaways by Gerrys Blades (54)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(Canada/Mountain time)
bpdpop mystery tin and retail box mail 9
npmlpj big 4 choice main 6
ealarf big 4 choice mini2 14
fvqifg walkie talkie main 9
veerke Clutch Purse Main 18
oyvupu Clutch Purse Mini 15
qjtmle Feather Beast Main! 13
eyqfod Feather beast mini 7
nqpbbu big 4 choice mini 1 9
ivilyh January customer appreciation 15
dfexst Sexy diamond and a taste of copper! 12
vsyizw ye-ti flip 8 main 12
hcrrew ye-ti flip 8 mini 14
zuymrg february high roller 10
txjlwz copper straight razor 10
awaxya Black Rabbit Mitts Main 12
vldjge Black Rabbit Mitts Mini 5
gxfbqa flasher/ice tent/crossbow 8
ymzgyb Heinz 57 12
hgwzim fancy winners choice 8
tdkorp Big ole winnners choice of 3 13
xopdrb battery powered saw 13
ycubhz Big ole winnners choice mini 13
xgzpgq digital scale or yetis 10
adnlwq Beaver Mitts 7
ddvruo Magnacut choices main 6
stydqb Magnacut choices mini 13
bwvcyi damascus fillet or san mai main 16
lkmhva Fillet or san mai mini 10
dxwmey diesel heater main 12
icxaip Fillet or fancy kitchen choice 8
zhaxwe sharpener main 10
ovpxvw sharpener mini 12
eehkhr Beaver Mitts 7
kvtyfq fillet or fancy kitchen mini 7
xoiwyf ps5 bundle main 10
nrulma ps5 bundle final mini 10
igthft ps5 bundle mini2 12
hmqtzc ps5 bundle mini1 10
dhygai Minimalist bifold wallet 9
voewpa Blade of a lifetime 10
kvrqkh grill and battery pack main 9
cejsal grill and jump start pack mini 1 7
zriopu Fillet choices main 12
oyjuju Fillet choices mini 11
fgawvi hobby box main 10
qpcvfa Mitts Main 10
xfzetz Mitts Mini 8
hknxbt spotter main 14
amgklf yeti choice main 13
azqraf straight razorr main 9
xbyztb straight razor mini 6
vlfkwk spotter final mini 11
igqgfm yeti choice mini 13

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —