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Giveaways by Gerrys Blades (29)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(Canada/Mountain time)
nlfpei copper BOAL mini 11
bmuwkb karambit and kitchen main 14
vdwtmd karambit and kitchen final mini 11
tixyva kitchen and karambit mini1 15
cerdqd Cool choices main!! 6
wspekp Cool choices mini 9
azzkxs patio furniture/pew pew bench main 12
pjhecj patio furniture/pew pew bench mini 1 8
dvtetm 8 choice main 11
eatvdp 8 choice final mini 9
dskash pre vacation main! 12
aebrtv Pre vacation mini 12
acsdak feather blade of a lifetime 11
bunbbu feather blade of a lifetime mini 8
xcddmx 8 choice mini 12
ftksfi Mothers day freee giveaway! 11
otxouf Tactical choices 9
dvpgqy New damascus choices main! 10
dyoswj New damascus mini! 14
ufryra Feather blade of a lifetime! 5
hnmzjt metal dector main 8
gtowvc metal detector 10
bfbmyt Copper blade of a lifetime! 7
rrqueg blackout leftovers main 5
ymjkix blackout leftovers mini 7
zyiedr April customer appreciation 8
cbwftt Black and Blue Minimalist wallet Main 14
vpqlch blue and black minimalist wallet Mini 8
jczhwx Blackout cerakote choices 14

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —