Giveaways by Kenneth Salmen (25)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Eastern time)
jkmakf Orange off the wall paul main 9
ofjsok mini to close out orange off the wall paul 8
cqnrgv Final for BN2 blaster 6
owjnte Mini for fb2 blaster 7
oyjzuj blasted billy teal final 9
bwwuro final mini for teal billy 11
rxpnkw mini #2 5
eryjdd mini 1 for blasted billy teal 10
qnmfdn Green and teal bonanza 7
iduphs Mini for greens and teals 8
amtrra 2 we hate the 80s blasters 6
icefsb Green and teal choice sapphire 5
skbadh We hate the 80s blaster, 35 anniversary blaster, mystery WP blaster 7
njkkmt We hate the 80s 2nd razz 9
akerrs We hate th 80s, 35th blaster 8
pqytwz Mark bark main 9
hmrgef Mini for green mark bark 9
kxrhym Beyond the streets 2 10
gachfs Mini for bts 2 7
cotdco Adam Bomb Teal 6
ilnrds Julie’s mini 5
jvbuyd Nintendopes 6
fnmkod Final mini for nintendopes 7
yfcvzn Mini for nintendopes 9
bqryra Chrome 1 hobby 9

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —