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Giveaways by Nathan Vecellio (24)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Eastern time)
sfzxti My 1oz Reckless Metals “Chambers of Secrets” Round 8
uzxtkj KT T- Mini6 for 2oz Knights Templar Round/Box 6
kjsjsx KT T- Mini2 for 2oz Knights Templar Round 11
zkusmd KT T- Mini3 for 2oz Knights Templar 8
mwrese KT Thomas- 2oz Knights Templar Mini1 7
saogzw My 1/10thoz Gold Standing Liberty Round 6
lvgjgi My 100g Geiger Assay 9
gvjbad John L- SpiderMan Proof Ultra Cameo with packaging 8
fxwmyq Randy R- 1896 PCGSMs64 Morgan Slab 7
uvhlzm Randy R- 10g Geiger Silver Assay 5
vtbnge John L- 1852 Octagonal Gold Indian MS65 10
jsacyy John L- 2020 first Strike Label ASE MS69 6
atkpol My 5oz Scottsdale Silver Stacker Round 5
kapzcz My 10oz Monarch Precious Metals Silver Sugar Skull Pour 6
gyzrdo John L- 1934 Crisp Five Buck Silva Cert 10
dgivhc Michael H- FourOZ Silver Milli $ Bill Bar 8
rehhun Randy R- 30g Total Skull N Bones Pours 9
yergzf My 5oz MPM Silver Sugar Skull Pour 5
xtupqq My 1oz American Western Skull “Indian Brave” Round 5
zfmuir Christopher G- Benefit for Palmer Family 8
vbtkun Michael H- Ten$ Confederate Note 6
dwyaoc My 2oz Mayan Calendar Silver Round Stacker 5
zbjbjb John L- Winners choice of FourOZ Silver Bill 7
gtxnhe My 2oz GSM Aztec Silver Round 6

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —