Giveaways by Nathan Vecellio (62)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Eastern time)
myrxcf My 100g Scottsdale Stacker roundI 9
cvoogf Andrew R- Winners Choice ( Trump or Inflation ) 4
uepdxn Andrew R- 2oz Silver Jersey DevilRoundO 12
zvltdy My (2) 1oz Silver rounds Lot 10
uugjcx Stephen P- 1g Gold Valcambi Bar 5
kryazs My 4oz Mutiny Metals Silver Skull & Crossbones pour 7
gvyddw Jesse J- 5oz Scottsdale Silver Stacker 8
excrir John L-1885-P MS64 DPL morganMain 7
ahrhno Scott C- 2.5g Gold Pamp Fortuna Assay 5
wwelvt John L- Mini for 1885-P MS64 DPL NGC Morgan 7
xmnsze Kendall R- Coca Cola 75th Anniversary Proof Bar 3
nhszga Michael H- 20g Silver Pamp Lady of Fortuna Assay 5
pbspaf My 2oz Scotty Stacker Rnd 8
yuuvll Michael H- 2022 1/4oz Gold Eagle in Box 11
gvimax Michael H- Mini for 1/4oz Gold Eagle 9
oxtsok Robert W- 2021 Geiger1g Noah’s Ark Gold Assay 4
ucdeme Michael H- 1898-o MS63 morgan 3
xstjhz My 100g Geiger Assay 8
kbrepv Stephen P- 3oz Silver Hand Pour 6
wtsiix My 5oz Scottsdale Stacker 7
ziaddy Kendall R- 1986 Ms69 Brown Label ASE 12
tibybd My 1oz UMS Booster Shot Punch Card Bar 7
jgdnkh My 2oz Scottsdale Silva Stacker 5
puigbx John L- Grade 1981 MS63 CC Morgan Spitting Eagle 5
bxcrxt Michael H-1882 Rainbow Toned Morgan 6
xynnmy John L- Final Mini for Graded Trade Dolla 7
xleybk Stephen P-1900 MS64 Morgan 10
ucipeh John L- High Grade 1882P MS61 Graded DPL 8
uhbsko Michael H- 1885 Hot50 Vam -1b MS63 Pitted Reverse Morgan 6
ssgrkj Adam B- 1984 1oz Prospector & 1986 Liberty Silva coin 6
jyvejx My 50g Geiger Silver assay 6
vsebux Scott C- 2022 1/10th AGE Round 10
pjttbt Kendall R- Winner Choice of Slab 7
gkdkti Isaiah G- 1908 Big Gold 5
azgyzg Stephen P- 50g Geiger Assay 7
hfmbqm Michael H- Old Ten Dollar Confederate Note 7
ogyvgq My STL Mint 2oz Mix Lot 2
oczwpz Michael H- Two Gram Texas Gold Bar 11
hxdyzx John L- 1914 Large Five Dolla Blue Seal 9
fwcqtv John L- Rare Encapsulated One Dolla Error Note 65 Grade 12
ebovze Kendal R- 2021 MS70 First Strike Krugerrand 5
kqxgrj Stephen P- (8) 90% 1964 Kennedy Halves 8
cpmrvs Damion P- Mini To Cap Main 9
fyublh My 100gram Geiger Assay 6
iskinp Anthony S- 2nd Mini for Big hand Pour game/multi Winners 7
wleyyu Robert W-007 Diamonds are Forever Bar 8
uywreg Stephen P- 1887s NGC AU55 Key Date Morgan 9
jxxcxt My 100g Scottsdale Stacker 9
ztwiew Stephen P- 10oz Choice Bar ( Academy or Sunshine ) 6
mglptw Damion P- 1oz Canada Cannabis Silver round 5
vpyysb Stephen P- Mini2 for 10oz Choice ( Sunshine or Academy) 5
cnutrc My 50g Geiger Assay 4
cxmbjs Robert W- James Bond 1oz Diamonds Forever Bar 2
oxvono Stephen P- Mini1 for 10oz Sunshine Minting Bar 3
rxmgld Damion P- 1897 Morgan $ 4
dccmgt Stephen P- 10oz Scottsdale Stacker Bar Main 10
mmhqlp Anthony S- 2oz The Gambler Pour 5
gdrxjg John L- 1927 Low Mintage 2.50 Gold Indian 9
vqjooe Michael H- 1880 8/7 Hot 50 Morgan Van-11a Ma63 Clash Mark 4
opfkqd Michael H- 2017 MS69 Silver Eagle 3
ndiwqy John L- Binion Morgan Ms63 4
txlujw John L- (3) 1oz Pews 3

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —