Giveaways by Nathan Vecellio (53)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Eastern time)
zhhvep My 2oz Michael Ornate Silver Shield 6
gdbvdd John L- Blackout Gold ASE in Capsule 7
ahyxaw John L- Closer Mini for 4oz Bill Game 7
zegzhs My 5oz Scottsdale Tombstone Nugget 9
lmtmce John L- 4oz Mirror finish Proof Bar 9
fmrtsr Anthony S- sealed 1oz Colorized Tetris 7
wehfns My 2oz Ramsees AfterLife Silver round 12
kxevnm John L- Final Mini for 1/10th Gold Game 5
jvgjou Michael H- 1oz Silver She too/ Silver Shot 12
povrnm John L- Antelope 5oz Silver Chief Round 6
ucegih Anthony S- Final Mini for 20oz Waffle 6
iqxevd John L- 1g Gold Pamp Heads Up 10
vbgvxd John L- Final Mini for Old Gold Game 6
dhgvas Michael H- 2004 1/10th Gold American Eagle 6
jtcvlt My 10oz Scottsdale Silver Tombstone Nugget 7
lnrkwo Ken F- 1883-O MS64 NGC Morgan 7
hrgxpl Nick W- Cheap Gratitude Game 5
dbcges My 4.3oz Locker Mint “Archangel” Silver Pour 7
waqzdy Nick W- Another 1g Old School Pamp Gold 6
xeools Anthony S- Mini for 20oz American Reserve Game 7
xxbqlh Nick W- 1gram AU Pamp Gold Assay 7
vhawdt John L- 5gram Gold Pamp Fortuna Bar 6
ytcobm Michael S- 1oz Silver $100Bill 6
uvuupd Nick W- Another 1g Gold Pamp Rematch 5
hvcvre Nick W- 1g Gold Pamp Bar 6
fflzep My 50g MPM Silver Sq Pour 6
mmzwjn Michael H- $50 Confederate Note 7
rbgfve My 5oz Scottsdale silver Casted Loaf 5
qpqwct Andrew R- 1909 $2.50 Gold Round Main 5
nycbgg Andrew R- Final Mini for 1905 $2.50 gold 7
mbpkcg My 100g OG Geiger Silver Bar 9
jifoyh Michael H- 1oz Diff Variation trump Round 10
ygryxn Andrew R- Mini1 for 1909 $2.50 Gold Indian 7
kjgpfq My 5oz Scottsdale silver Stacker Round 8
oqjtet My 2oz Golden State Silver “Incuse Indian” Round 8
cqekdq Nick W- Winners choice Main for Morgans 8
akjzsg My 5oz Scottsdale Tombstone Nugget 6
gxpwtx Michael H- 1g Gold Sealed Apmex Bar 5
ctbwuq Fred DB- 1oz Fathers Day Bar & 1oz Copper Bar 6
geldvu Nick W- MiniTwo for Winners Choice of Morgan’s 11
swatgt Nick W- Mini for 1887 Crescent Moon Toned Morgan 6
rybdvm John L- Rare 1967 Metal Arts Co NY Silver 18g around 5
yxbetq Nick W- Junk Silver Lot 11
pstuma My (2) 100g Scottsdale Silver Loafs 12
auqkal My 100g Scottsdale silver Stacker 11
oqjvbz Ken F- 2021 P Tuvalu NGC PF70 Simpson Itchy n Scratchy 7
dapehh Michael H- 1oz Winchester Bar 7
rvbobl My 2oz Michael Ornate Silver Shield 9
tpqtsv John L- (10) 1oz NWTM Silver Bullets inBox 8
grtkap Ken F- 1904- O Morgan Dollar 9
cxqthf John L- freebie for the FiveOz Enhelhard Players 7
fiagpp Michael H- FiveOz Engelhard Aust Bar with Box 5
lhapuu Nick W- 1oz Silver Dogecoin Round 10

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —