Giveaways by AVELINO REYNOSO (42)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Pacific time)
fzyqmw Tom wales Chase claypool 11
zmtsyh Dylan Hargrave Rod Woodson 8
dfexns Tom wales Matt F 7
qsflpp Stephen Hart TJWatt 7
vgdtjm Anthony Jenkins Claypool lot 11
atbjwd Sean beckwith mini for bettis 11
fdffws Josh flor past and present WR 8
awaxiy Josh Rowe Ben patches 8
rntsar Sean beckwith obsidian harrison 7
dvoczh Stephen Hart Chase Claypool 7
yhuudx Travis E Mini 12
hhrafm Sean beckwith Dj and BS auto 9
gmltqa Tom wales cam heyward 12
zkarvp Tom wales dj mosaic 10
zlbbpj Sean b Dj lot 2 9
xfxdcn Sean beckwith chase claypool 8
jmjcrr Sean Beckwith Woodson 7
jksxib Justin Credible Watt cards 10
alwrfh Sean beckwith Rod Woodson card auto 11
bggvoi Sean Beckwith juju main 8
hprgzi Sean beckwith juju mini 7
ywizku Tom Wales Chase Claypool 9
umsvgj Sean beckwith card 8
ououms Tom Wales Chase claypool 7
xqrtva Sean beckwith super big boy Bettis 9
bkmjor Sean beckwith Mcfarland Lot 10
dxoxhd Josh Rowe Big Ben patch 10
lfcxqv Sean B Alex H auto football 10
dioqgl Sean high smith ball mini 11
cesfpd Anthony Jenkins chase claypool 10
kskahq Anthony Jenkins Benny snell 11
xrdjkh Sean beckwith Claypool 8
tkmoln Sean beckwith James Harrison flawless 8
qqjsys Sean beckwith rd 4 jersey 8
hvmtow Sean beckwith rd 4 mystery jersey 6
lfnczs Sean Beckwith Mini 3 jersey 4 7
ueuamx Tom Wales 2014 shazier 6
ieswsq Tom Wales fear the beard 6
iatlwp Sean Beckwith Jersey 3 11
ergjnc Tom Wales big al 9
zulecr Sean beckwith second jersey 7
gfmcsn Test run 8

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —