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Giveaways by David Fullington (26)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Eastern time)
dqurds Goodridge mox amber 7
tzinrr goodridge tutor 7
ayacfv Eichholz Fatal Push 12
cxtdtf Worldly Tutor (Retro) - JL 6
dwgwvb Budge Shatteted Spire 10
dhmhwp Budge Skittles 3
nzebtt Voss karn reforged 5
gnxilj Allosaurus Shepherd - JL 8
okvtcn eichholz command 5
gokejg Budge Snappy list 11
drnbdl goodridge tarn 8
kwuuxp Voss foil Elesh and stuff 6
fawkdo Voss foil waterlogged grove 6
svtilm Goodridge Foil Showcase Atraxa 8
suumiy Reanimate - JL 10
udgrec Budge Norn 3
qvonax Goodridge Uro 6
ndyxst Goodridge Borderless Emperor 8
nlkqjm Goodridge borderless Greif. 9
qcuwyy budge sword of once and future 7
wzrweo Goodridge Playset of Foil Dragon's Rage Channeler 11
joervm Goodridge beta plains part tres 6
iatqxt Goodridge plains part deux 3
atbxyn Goodridge beta plains part 1 3
qlbuuh Velasquez triomes 4

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —