Giveaways by Alika Tobias (35)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Central time)
vhamin Alikas Golf Tee #3 of 5 15
wzrqly Alika's "Fathers day Golf Tee" in fke 9
fnkpba Alikas 1/10 plat 2021 britt MAIN!!! 13
rgiujg Alikas final fatal for platinum 14
jzomwc Alika's 1/10 plat H2H🥊🥊 8
vbvoig Alikas 1/10 plat brit FATAL 1. 9
kkwepo Johns osiris fatal in fke 10
zapbpo Bob d's beskar in fke. 11
gpduuf Alika's ASE and Copper round... 12
fxhvje Fake run to see if it glitches 7
pzoxen Alika's ASE and COPPER round 6 not completed
uwulvt Bob D's 1000$ Bank of Salem gold note 11
vohejv Bob D's 100$ blk eagle gold foil 13
wwklpq Bobs 1000$ bill. 24k gold 16
ganghr Bobs 1000$ 24k gold bill 12
aoobku Coreys fatal while im eating dinner. 14
nmsiqd Bobs 3ozt Monarch Metals MINI!! 17
yczgjp Bobs Stagecoach 1ozT 11
gekiwg Corey's Somali 1ozT round 14
jwzejr Bob D 100$ gold note 5
rsxcjx Bob d. Live free round. Ninas house of bullion 15
ohxphz alikas freedom pour mini closer 11
jdsmjk alikas dice tower 10 spot 1g gold 15
doulun Alikas "Zucked" in ludo friends 12
tgcccj Gregs boobie 1ozT choice. Ludos friends 8
uycnim Devrons libertad in FKE 7
qwevfn Hager Metals in friends of Nebo. 9
twjwzp Alikas 18g "Messenger" in 🐔waffle 10
aphmtq Johns smi 1G fatal 16
hnpkih Alikas 17g "Messenger" in 🐔waffle 10
xxprkc Alikas "Messenger" In FKE 13
njdzoo Alikas 1g gold perth green card 7
zcljex Travis's slabbed mexi onza main 10
tyftro Alikas 1ozt beskar MAIN 17
vnxngl Coreys pirate chest fatal3 9

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —