Giveaways by Alika Tobias (56)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Central time)
uwkjgk Cathy's Trump Rounds Main 9
ntrpiu Alika's silver 1ozT Trump2020 round MAIN 9
zxywoz Alika's FKE 1g Geiger silv/gold 10
rxynyw Alika's 2g plat 2g gold Fatal1 11
gwbxte Devron's karatcash giveaway 20free 8
uqhltp Alika's 1/10 britt MAIN!! 9
haolgg Alika's 1/10 britt mini1 10
ybnndk Alika's 1ozT silver choice. (Leopard) 12
wrjqeh Alika's 1ozT silver choice. (Knucks) 8
pbnvsg Alika's 4 goldbacks and 1 karatbar 10
efmcyl Slys ¼ozT gold H2H 4 10
skcfys Slys ¼ozT gold H2H 3 8
pinoct Devrons Dragon 7
fkwllq Slys Aztec 2oz main 13
lfohba Slys fatal 12
ffzsjr Alika's 2g gold H2H. MAIN!! 14
qcurnv Dry run on camera after freeze up 10
fggvct Alika's 2g gold H2H. MINI 1 9
vandab Alika's 1g carded PAMP gold- MAIN 12
okslge Alika's 1g carded PAMP gold- closer h2h🥊 10
xozlet Alika's 1g carded PAMP gold- mini 2 11
hkuxzk Alika's 1g carded PAMP gold- mini1 11
ekjvsd Alika's silver choice MAIN (5 choices) 9
dxgmtz Alikas 1ozT silver choice. 5 choices. mini1 8
kryafz Sly's King of the jungle main 7
wumksx Sly's King of the Jungle mini1 14
hiksib Alikas silver choice (Leopard) MAIN! 16
wavpnt Alika's Silver Choice (leopard) mini 1 12
rnbbgv Alika's 1g Gold Ox MAIN! 14
totgmb Alika's 1g Gold Ox mini1 10
wqitkj Alika's 50g PAMP MAIN. 8
gveloj Alika's 50g silver PAMP mini1 6
ybjpbc Alika's Five Killer Endings- 1ozT Krugerrands 10
swstms Alika's Silver Krugerrand F.K.E. mini1 11
yagzaa Sly's Panda Winners Choice- mini 15
jhmnfv Destins 100g Combibar Main 5
kmofdx Sly's owl MAIN 9
hfcmqe Sly Mini Owl 7
rhtpbh Alika's Silver choice Main (scottsdale bar) 10
xuvkfm Alika's Silver choice. Wonka + doc bullions 11
uusmtd Credit Suisse H2H🥊 1G GOLD 12
cqxyhx Alika's Silver choice Main (antiqued seahorse) 11
qcmzjl Alika's 1980 Krugerrand 1/10 H2H 🥊🥊 10
szrhas Alikas 1ozT silver choice (seahorse pour) 16
vwvizr John M. H2H geiger and valcambi 13
xeefkp Sly's Wacky Silver Choice. 11
khupjz Alika's Bottoms Up Fatal 17
gtfjgg Alikas Fatal for Silver choice. 12
yuqiuw Sly's 1g Gold Pamp 10
nljufa Mini on Wednesday Morning Fake Game 10
wyotvo Wednesday morning Fake Game 6
tjjpad Repetition 16
tgbses Take 3 "silver flip" emoji fight 10
kubbxz Take 2 "No shame in the Game" 12
thmlml Fake game for practice 8
bfoeug Dry run on camera... 18

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —