Giveaways by Cardfix Cards and Collectibles (23)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(UTC time)
sujtoo Mini for Pats 9
pjynnj Micro#2 for Pats 7
ytugkh Micro For Pats 7
gacgkw Mini for 49ers 10
lljeui Mini for Bears 8
lbqiiu Razz for Optic Hanger 9
ncfttd Mini for Jags 5
dtpxxn Mini for Jags 7
yorklw Mini for Pats 9
vtoomx Micro #2 for Pats 7
bufzgp Micro For Pats 11
evyyyc Mini for Bears 5
qvwwme Micro For Bears 8
ncwthr Mini for Jags 9
daeyum Micro For JAGS 6
ytwqls Mini for Pats 5
avztlm Mini for Bears 6
hijnhq Micro For Bears Mini 10
kezkxl Mini for Jets 7
hwysru Optic Hanger giveaway 7
amscqa Prizm Skunk prize for select 2 break 7
bjocow Mini for Pats 7
cudytg Micro For Pats 10

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —