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Giveaways by Jeremy Lannin (25)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Central time)
ffmbml Certified Team Random 9
kmhuti Certified closing mini 10
dciobh National Treasures Mlb Team Random 6
tzucwf Pistons Mosaic Mini 10
ulefet Joes vs pros 10
ftbzew 22 Topps Finest Btm 20 Team Random 9
uhysrz 22 Topps Finest Top 10 Team Random 9
vfpcpe 22 Topps Finest Bottom 20 Team Random 9
jsxvqx 22 Topps Finest Top 10 Teams 5
fovzdu Who’s movie night is it 8
sqqteb Closing National Treasures Mini 7
vpdyae National treasures baseball mini 1 9
jagbxu Who to ride 10
uqpmen Do I win parlay tonight 8
iamvfc Who to ride with 10
kjivlw Joes vs pros 7
pkvmzl Who wins 7
ylcymy Cjcjc 8
pycwoq NFL Playoff Last Man Standing Team Random 9
pejoem Who picks the movie 9
ezceoy Who picks the movie 9
pecpzg 1st basket 7
aueegz Which way to go 8
kncibx Bowman Draft Closing Mini 7
lzafyr Parlay 7

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —