Giveaways by T. Strange (32)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Eastern time)
zncmqy Leo' Rodman Jersey 8
ipqeyl Leo's Rodman Mini 11
fcfmzj Chris's Mack Card Main 8
tohtib Chris's Mack Card Mini 8
kwkxoe Pickard's Choice! 8
bctbzt Leo's Crede Jersey 7
nlzgbc Leo's Crede Jersey 8
pfqvzl Klod's Urlacher Flex 7
opcvyt Klod's Urlacher flex final mini 9
mqnrkf McEnerney's Urlacher lid main 7
alzbhk McEnerney's Urlacher lid mini to close 9
mpcwut Patrick's Hester Ball 10
iwwbyc McEnerney's Urlacher lid mini 2 11
vgywcg McEnerney's Urlacher lid mini 9
szuexy Pickard's Singletary Jersey 7
jynvlq Pickard's Singletary Jersey 8
cchhsh Pickard's Singletary Jersey 10 not completed
lsyeqy DiNino's Trevathan jersey 7
cuzltf Pickard's Fridge Jersey 10
qxqggp Stephanie's Maddux bats main 9
efybaz Stephanie's Maddux mini 12
zxmzsl Myers Mikita Card 7
bftlyg Pickard's Rodman Jersey/Ball Main 8
sotnkm Pickard's Rodman Mini 7
obbury Logan's Sayers Jersey 8
tquzdp Logan's Monry jersey 10
izlern Cooley's Urlacher lid 8
gmyxvq Cooley's Urlacher Lid mini 9
ijpnya Cooley's Moncada Ball 10
itzfnc Wolf's McMahon Schutt 8
fmajps JR's Kmet Lid 11
opjytz Steve's Roquan Helmet 8

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —