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Giveaways by Whitney Lour (25)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Eastern time)
clomax Shaun riffle 543/544 mini 7
wqsvlc Jason bailey MLB blaster 6
yauisl Riffle 540 MLB teams 10
rhdcof Robert brogan. Allen 11
pdydbo Andy Bowlby Lillard slab 9
hpnuzd Stori Matthews Elijah Moore fluorescent 7
qqdtte Shaun riffle 531 MLB teams 9
lmlqra Shaun riffle 529 MLB teams 7
ocrpux Shaun riffle 528 divisions 9
abkkze Jeremy Tuttle nba wta mini 6
lssfqj Robert brogan Brady lot 8
snictx Stori Matthews NBA monopoly line 5
wimkfw Shaun riffle 523 mini 7
ygzcev Boz ardabell Herbert 5
qeoalu Brenton rush outman rc 5
shtiae Shaun riffle MLB 518 12
qfqclf Shaun riffle 515 closing mini 7
oryaxb Shaun riffle 516 closing mini 8
azxecb Stori Matthews NFL 4 winner mini 6
xbvdnc Stori mystery pack giveaway 7
qvtxof Stori Matthews safe giveaway 10
pmbufn Stori Matthews mlb 34 7
taxiox Shaun riffle winners choice 1a 8
notppx Stori Matthews Kessler lot 5
npffzi Carl Killian booker lot 12

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —