Giveaways by EDC Oasis (29)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Mountain time)
iwttci Mermaid/Hula Girl - Ti Teal Tide 2
mhizxg Mermaid/Hula Girl - Ti Teal Tide Mini Game 2
bllwxf Wisco Blueberry Lemonade 2
dvbnou Swamp Thing Whomp 2
qujegn Gcarta* Whomp with Copper Top 2
bxvwmf Gcarta Sage Whomp 2
yryqzh Crazy Coral Whomp 2
qggmvi COTMC Aperture Chip 2
gazgcf HiTex Purple Ti All Seeing Eye/Scarab 2
jpxsxk Resin Pour Micarta Whomp 2
kmbaoq HiTex x Bob Lazar Green Ti Sport Model Chip 2
bjplda Tumbled Ti Beer Bomb 2
bqdghm Black PVD Beer Bomb 2
udfysq HiTex x Bob Lazar Ti TRD Sport Model Chip 2
piikkl HiTex Copper Dice 2
kjtpjh WHOMP Wheat With Recycle Plastic 1 2
mfhhhy Green Flex Curator & White G10 Curator bead 2
uczvri Green GITD Curator 2
mzpglo Scoopyloops Turquoise Glowfetti LG 2
mujcfd Notorious EDC Beer Bomb 2
kcwinn Freedomfetti Silverflake 2
uruars ZW 5” 3V fuller PnP with pocket clip 2
mgjldl Green Ti Egyptian Kraken 2
jppiqk Jazzercise Gcarta 2
tuvdwp HiTex Ti Proto Dice 2
xmnfjc Yellow Ti Egyptian Kraken 2
gaxadw Yellow Ti Egyptian Kraken Mini Game 2
hkvvzs Bronze Celtic Kraken 2
hljpea Orange Hex G10 2

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —