Giveaways by Floridapicker88 (23)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Eastern time)
izqvzj Mini for Flash Fire Roulette Top spot goes to the main 6
wdtgvl Heavy Fossil Pack Main 7
rwajdz Mini Top 5 6
alibvr EVO for HEAVY Fossil Pack 5
bwgkfe Base set 2 pack main 7
atilvt Mini top 5 10
pyfhaq Raw Card Roulette 10
ysikfd Top 4 Win A Slab 11
ghztgb Japanese Raw Card Roulette 13
lmphpq Evens vs Odds 5
zhxvdf Slab Roulette 9
mnfqmk Slab Roulette 7
kzmroc Japanese Slab Roulette 8
tcapbu Slab Roulette 8
mymeeb Steelix slab Main 7
ryeocg Shining Steelix slab Top Spot 7
rmqbwz Mini Top 5 go to Main 12
liifvk Main for Zapdos slab top spot wins 8
wlbaao Mini Top 5 go to Main 9
noaupx Main Raichu slab Top spot 6
ojrkdd Main Raichu slab Top spot 6 not completed
kvysgh Mini Top 3 go to Main 7
mjzhkp Main Shining Raichu slab 9

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —