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Giveaways by Cory Foss (15)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(Canada/Mountain time)
uugfks Break 169 mini closer 8
abcfgi Tage Thompson 17-18 ICE Rookie Superb Scripts On Card Auto 20/49 7
tpgxdc Main event for Ahmed Kirill 5
rzizbv Mini top 3 for ahmed 7
ghtmuj Drai main 6
vxnwco Drai mini 2 7
beipqo Drai premier rpa mini top 3 12
qffepy Closer Mini for Break 168 7
wbovqn Jj’s black SPA auto petey 7
mxmlmk Howe top box giveaway 6
sqvltf Main event for Alec 7
ooypvs Mini 2 top 2 for Alec 6
vrzwrd Closer Mini for Break 167 7
ttanuh Nick Robertson Red Rainbow Rookie Auto 9
fonrcj Charity event for steph 11

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —