Giveaways by eric guzman (30)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Pacific time)
gxzzro e/o vs danny 8
rvxjkf main base set blastoise long pack 9
tgjgpe mini 2 base long turtle pack top 5 get a spot on main 10
mrtpcx mini 1 base long pack turtle top 5 get a spot 8
zzznxj main 1st ed tr pack jes and james art 10
rslywk mini 2 top 3 get spots in main for 1st ed tr pack 11
psxdju mini 1 top 5 get a spot 1st ed tr pack 10
zuxter fossil art set main 6
trvdbt mini 1 wff top 5 get free spts fsil art set 5
jfmwul mini 2 fsil art set top 5 get a spot 8
azryiw main expedition fer art 6
xohuen main ex delta species salamance art 7
tewwpx wff mini 2 for expedition top 3 get a free spot 10
dwrpfv mini 1 expedition pack fer art top 5 get a spot 5
wbbyva main holon phantoms gary pack art 8
xjnyhb main LM pack ghost art 11
zvfiph mini 1 LM ghost art 6
aegdos main LM pick your pack 7
hzlycr main holon phantom pack zangoose art 7
ofzpmv mini 2 holon phantoms top 5 get a spot on main zangoose art 4
jhuwyx mini 1 top 5 get a spot in holon phantom pack zangooose art 5
zguvyu main e/o last tr pack 5
ajwqhl pick your pack tr e/o 7
myomor main pick your pack team rocket 11
mntrci jungle blister main 9
utpazb mini 3 e/o for spot in main jungle blister 7
wmmuxw mini 2 e/o for spt jungle blister 5
dnulmm mini for a spot on main jungle blister 9
vdbolc main pick your pack team rocket long pack 7
dugcwg mini 1 wff top 4 get a spot tr long pack 8

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —