Giveaways by Alexander Cromwell (32)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Eastern time)
zrvpui Speros Silver and Gold bars 6
jfzruz Speros razz gold and silver 8
wzihbv Yousefs mini for 1 spot 7
jfruil Richards silver Reline 9
dniapu Timothys Chipper Jones RC PSA 8
dydbns Gen O macs Miles Sanders auto 10
rkkuzp Richards mini for NASCAR pool 9
ftgmmn Michaels Cris Carter Auto 8
kzhgiq Victors Lebron James optic graded 10
vmuvxg Speros mixed lot 10
wmbsum Michaels mini razz to close Main 9
wbwysn Kent Kim’s Mecole Hardman 4 patch 9
jptupl Speros Kyler Murray Rookie lot Reline 7
qegcec Speros silver Indian head reline 6
kqlger Travis Webb’s winners choice 9
ltjeys Speros silver Indian head coin 10
empggk Speros silver Indian head coin 7
derklt Speros Asahi silver coin reline 7
klcgww Michaels Silver coin 9
mohqva Speros silver peace dollar 9
nktbdo Colbys 1oz Apmex silver bar 6
jsopvu Colbys Silver bar Reline #1 8
pnfaxw Michaels silver coin 11
jjfncz Ike’s fatal for one spot in the moss main 8
esigzw Michaels Jones and stick auto 8
ibgqvm Richards one spot in jersey razz 10
bywcfm One spot fatal Richards jersey break 10
afowmt Speros Silver Peace dollar 8
jvztcz Speros double silver Reline 1 7
ngimzn Speros Double silver Razz 9
aggawa Speros fatal last 4 spots 10
iwmohf Speros John Paul Jones silver bar 9

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —