Giveaways by Pat wagner jr (34)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(UTC time)
vvhmmj Pe195 rob cross pixel 9
ayqhep PW193 G Anderson noir 6
savavu Pw194 snakebite jersey 6
gwxhil Pw192 mvg choice 7
qpeibq Pw191 winmau choice 5
opgrco Km04 7
wzgtgn PW187 voltage choice 6
hhcmqy Pw190 snakebite jersey 8
txyava Pw189 jonny clayton 7
wsewmr Pw188 taylor 8zero choice 5
xqdckf Pw186 harrows choice 9
tlajvf Mini to close pw186 8
sjdicm Pw184 winmau chizzy choice 12
kwbkmo Mini to close main 9
vzdpwe Pw185 peter wright pl15 blue 8
ixguml Mini to close pw185 9
zzwhxe Pw183 target suzuki choice 8
nffnas Mini to close main 11
uwiubl Km03 6
oceguo Km02 8
picndf Pw181 chizzy pixel 8
glmobw Mini to close main chizzy pixel 6
vqlpnj Km01 7
fwhvqr Pw182 rob cross pixels 12
lwxtzg Pw180 peter wright choice 7
kpsbal Mini to close pw180 8
oelgkf Pw178 9zero rvb90 choice 11
ubhtds Mini to close main pw178 6
kdgtwj CN27 12
safdvs Pw179 snakebite mamba choice 11
ecrrxw Pw174 butler choice 9
adzngj Mini to close pw174 7
wgkdcj Pw177 harrows choice 5
hqcuph Pw176 peter wright pl15 8

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —