Giveaways by Michael O'Sullivan (33)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Central time)
negdgt 500 Panini Points from PYT#4 5
qyokiw Bowmans Best PYT#4 Final Filler 11
sftxqj Pots of Gold Mini#2 Case #4 6
yajjgs Mini#2 For Contenders Football Top 4 8
lkdain Mini#1 For contenders Football PYT#4 5
qfnqeb Contenders Random team 1000 panini points random 8
jeslwz POTS of GOLD case 4 mini#1 6
deytis Mini#1 Contenders Football Random Teams 5
jwqocg Team Randoms For Triple E Baseball 10
mlibbv FF For Triple E Baseball 9
qpcodh Bowman best FF 9
pknews Mini#2 For Panini elite baseball 5
tnbgdj Mini#1 for Panini EEE 6
bzobne Contenders PYT#2 Panini Points random 10
kzcwei Contenders Pyt #3 Panini Points 1250 10
fegkvz Ebay Panini POINTS 9
kzvpcp Final Filler Contenders PYT#2 11
fnrbou Mini#1 for Contenders PYT#2 8
kvtwgf Case # 3 Pots of gold Final Filler 7
ojqecr Dual from Contenders PYT#1 10
qdridr 3x 250 Panini points from pyt#1 7
xvgple Mini#3 Rotobox pots of Gold 5
lrqjeb Mini 2 for Rotobox pots of gold Case#3 10
kmkkes Mini #1 for pots of gold Rotobox 10
kogdpd Contender Football Final filler 10
yryzxd Final Filler for Gold Standard soccer 6
vfcdzz Gold Standard Soccer Mini#1 Top5 8
ozxsuf Bowman Draft Random Team #4 9
wmitwe Team random for Best break 8
fjiedf Bowmans Best Names Random 8
ziyonz Draft Order For Sullys pots of Gold Case #2 11
pqpavv Rotobox Pots of Gold Mini#1 7
lzlgme roto Hoodie giveaway 12

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —