Giveaways by CRR (31)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Central time)
uxmdfk Daniel- 3 Winners sth orbit and $5 11
onrpxz Sprinkle- yuli jersey 11
rnriov Kelly- Winners choice customs Rd 2 5
bdohnx Kelly- Winners choice customs 5
wijqzq Ernie- tiger BHTOM 10
lkryxi Ray- Winners choice 11
bgvjsy Sprinkle- Main Lamp 8
qhesrr Pat- altuve ws Jersey 15
zbcxew Sprinkle- lamp mini 6
znxvdx CRR- winners choice Rd 2 5
lbfqac CRR- Winners Choice 7
dscfsj Jman- STH Orbit 11
ezzrum Pat- Tuve WS Ball 14
ahmnnq Pat- Mini For WS Tuve 7
phcdmx Jose- Main STH Orbit 12
olftaw Jose- Mini sth orbit 9
dotqrq Pat- Breggy or Tuve WS choice 12
aameje Pat- Baggy Freebie 7
wydtxo Pat- Main Tuve BHTOM Autographed 11
nmqevy Erick- Hook items Main 9
cbduzc Pat- Tuve Auto BHTOM 9
qobasm Erick- Mini Hooks items 5
sizzro Pat- altuve romlb 11
yvoclv Ernie- Astros Base 6
kqrrwz Juan Carlos- Winners Choice 5
ylsznw Pat- Winner's choice Tuve or Baggy 11
amhxjr Sprinkle- Guy V Lewis Bbh 8
wwvyep CRR- Astros vs Orioles 5
tkggzr Heleno- Altuve BHTOM 5
vyefkg Justin- Yordan 2 winner's Bbhs 8
vdpqut Raul- Mini Tucker items 7

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —