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Giveaways by JPNew Razz (42)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Eastern time)
ywpsmz Tanner Matt’s JA jungle Preen 5
sjxghq Nathan's Stone Rain P3K 5
hhsolc Nathan's Bramble 9
bknefj Foil Sevala HoTW by Big Bill 4
obxhgc Nathan's Strip Mine 4th 9
pypcqg John's Goblins 6
mgajkv William's Food Chain 5
bdjckn Nathan's Vedalken Orrery 12
iyeoet Ray LaB’s pretty Yamas 4
zmhwce Nathan's Azusa 6
stvkvt Big Bill’s reserve lightning drag 7
iwuswp Nathan's Primal Vigor 9
pkdsas Nathan's Wooded Bastion 8
yhnjvc ZV’s VC by jaypee 9
rlwbko Big bills cabal coffs 5
eefojw Rob walks among us on a shiny land tax 7
ndkcmm Jason Miller’s Rests by jaypee 5
eqfqvs Zach's Force of Negation 10
mtvcik Nathan's Linvala 4
woxvef J Mills confluencers x4 by Jaypee 6
jkizfn Kell’s TNN by JayPee 10
rbxutf KyleE’s foil priest tit 😏 by JayPee 11 not completed
btaspo Sean’s mps Lotus Pets by JayPee 7
xhzkrx CS Sunbaked CA 12
qbnljz CL Gideon CA 6
ihkoip Nathan's Sensei's Eternal 8
yolnni Hunter Avery’s Glen E’s Liege 9
labgot Kyle's Arabic Promo Stone Tongue 7
cufshe Nathan's Personal Tutor 6
juvrih Jace Sablans twin deltas by JayPee 8
btpcrr Multi razz CA 9
fqfcdw KyleE’s prerelease Arabic Stone tongue by JP 8
yblkpp Judge FOW 7
nzlstq List 3
zjjfla Nathan's Krark's Thumb Foil Giveaway for Caleb 8
wbeqcx Lucky Bills tormented coffers 6
wycuzg CR SQ CA 7
ydspgh RL CAI CA 8
wgcrxe SG’s pretty Tarn expo 8
fkbslc Tanner Matt’s cucking 6
ztdsig Ray LaB’s DRanged hermit by Jay Pee 9
qjqkat Nathan's Sensei's 5

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —