Giveaways by Aunt Betty's Closet (17)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Eastern time)
ocnktz SA Armband w/RZM Tag (Cyril Cyril) 6
ffgvko Infanry Assault Badge (IAB) (Mehdi Askeur) 11
iyqvjf 25-Year Faithful Service Medal, DAF Book, Work Books, etc. (Jochen Bähr) 11
lsnkjn Parade NSDAP Printed Model (Cyril Cyril) 9
thjmyg Metal Toy Soldiers (Danijel Bijelic) 11
vyxrjc Propaganda Reichspost Telegram (Cyril Cyril) 7
gttdzp AWARD GROUP & DOCUMENTS (Mehdi Askeur) 5
mrhlev Early NSDAP party badge and NSDAP day badge 1935 (Cyril Cyril) 8
mrrqls SA armband with RZM tag (Cyril Cyril) 8
gwsdbv Parade NSDAP Printed Armband (Cyril Cyril) 6
dltmgd 10-Year NSDAP Long Servcie Medal With Spange Badge (Cyril Cyril) 8
izfxjf ISA + Certificate (Mehdi Askeur) 8
afdmau ISA & VWA SET+DOCUMENTS (Mehdi Askeur) 8
uzckld Test Giveaway #3 2
xsumhk Test Drawing #2 2
pijxdd Test Drawing 3

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —