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Giveaways by tim martin (32)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Eastern time)
jufhef Puck team random 8
ezpmlq 16x20 Hockey random 9
dlasna Puck team random 9
itytgs HP Bat 2nd team random 5
xdijvl Puck break #96 team random 5
pqmius 16x20 number random 6
tzkhvo 16x20 mini 10
kwlpoj NHL Jersey team random 8
rkdzef Bruins photo number random 12
mkclxn Puck team random 9
hmsbbv Basketball Jersey number random 6
tvbuva BBall jersey mini 8
dlvelh Hat Trick box #90 team random 7
wwfvov Bat break #89 team random 7
ugzjdo FS find Brady team random 11
ucfpos 16x20 hockey photo team random 11
jqklco Triple Play team random 9
xchjei Triple Play Box mini 10
gzwjps Mini helmet team random 10
fvlytg Mini helmet mini 7
ewercv Puck team random 9
kqhhyj Photo numbers 7
dztftt Photo mini 6
yqvzwy Rodgers jersey box number random 9
wfknju HOF Multi sport team random 5
oozkhz HOF multi sport mini 8
wwshji Football jersey # random 7
brddmc Brady team random 6
yicpzh Football division random 9
aqjpuy Bat team random 6
pbgksd Barry jersey number random 6
fxulln Bat mini 8

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —