Giveaways by Troy Jacobs (34)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Eastern time)
mfqdnu Hurst Spectra Wentz 8
roavnu Dell Wentz Flawless 1/3 7
wxurfc Maxwell nfc power 7
rtmsfn Maxwell everyone wins 10
sjgksi Camacho Broncos Lot 8
icyxje Miller flawless jay ajayi patch auto 7
ieuyqs Miller wentz emerald flawless 8
jciifk Jacobs Ertz Swoosh Auto 9
wwbldx Deathwish flawless Dawkins ruby 5
bmamxz Voss select wentz tie dye die cut 5
pugwxt Miller Dawkins flawless ruby 11
jzxerb Voss wentz select 10
iqgrey Graver wentz impeccable /15 8
ajnqdu Jacobs Dawkins Flawless Canary Diamond 10
qfscvu Whiting wentz honors flawless 12
nsjeco Jacobs Dawkins canary diamond mini 8
zhjiav Joe P dual Elliot’s 7
vyxuha Graver Eagles lot 10
rpyplf Voss Wentz flawless 9
eerccm Howell wentz & ertz 9
nglqrj Howell mini for main 11
fsiwyz Alexander 2 TE and Bennett 11
okwsnv Gizzo free giveaway 11
pjokxh Alexander wentz magnificent 5
xhfhyv Gizzo Wentz Encased 11
gynves Kang Rudolph One 5
bnwvgb Thoma Wentz Jeffery Flawless Patch 8
zsmktr Graver Ertz Flawless Sapphire 5
inykdp Rawlings winners choice 5
kiypvu McCloskey Wentz 9
ioclzj Nett Dawkins ruby 5
ydmpjp Alexander Wentz Choco Diamond 5
gwujec Alexander Wentz/Jeffrey Flawless Patch 8
hrgpeu Oppa Cunningham Career flawless 9

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —