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Giveaways by Si Fi & Fantasy Wars (30)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Eastern time)
zfoqjz Micheal’s Imperial Ding Moc 12
ctnvay Josh never tags me for video, FM 11
zxhyfn Phil’s Endor Luke Moc FM 7
noowhb Peter’s Luke hoth moc 8
qizdpp Mark’s Magic Flute 13
ibaaof Peter’s R2/ Jedi Luke moc game 7
ydzikw Phil’s mini to close 12
ytighq Freebie Murder Bears 7
rtjqjt Brian’s 2$ holla 12
usqsmx Wolfs YPS snowtrooper 13
zmlmls Potf Vader moc FM 12
ngcogw Martins choise game M2 12
rwgdxt Wolfs Snowtrooper m1 12
jovyai Phil’s large Fett FM 6
lycegk Marks 85 grade R2 17
ywgoxc Sven’s takara R2 FM 10
bwvzsz Marks $2 holla leia 10
cmprkq Sven’s Takara R2 M2 9
crexfq Fett mailer grade 80 last mini 15
kjvboy Mailer Fett grade 80 M3 11
fnqhjb Fett mailer grade 80 M2 9
wxjnra Mailer Fett UKG 80 M1 15
peqhfr Marks ledy Vader main 11
kaizgx Brian’s blue snag 80 main 7
rdmfin Brian’s 80 grade blue snagg M1 8
mlvpum Marks graded yodas 13
abxcsc Josh’s Tig Fromm Moc 16
zvtwfw Luke’s coin game 9
uqqtdf Warok moc final mini 12
oruwzg Warok moc m1 9

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —